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Our Mission

We are focused on our mission: to create an inclusive society for all humans — one in which our differences simply go unnoticed. To achieve this, we are using the Alinker walking bike as a vehicle for social change.

As a small start-up with a radically new product, we are juggling low-number manufacturing runs with even lower profit margins.

Over the course of five years, and the development of fourteen prototypes, we have listened to the challenges faced by people with mobility constraints — particularly within the current medical system. Navigating that system to subsidize Alinkers would make them twice as expensive to the end user, while perpetuating a model that mistreats the people it’s meant to serve.

Instead, we are constantly searching for new pathways. Inspired by the life-changing nature of our product, we recently received a grant from the Li Ka Shing Foundation, enabling us to donate 950 Alinkers to non-profit organizations that service our community.

We are committed to making Alinkers accessible to everyone, which is why we’re now hosting this crowdfunding campaign directly from our website.

By starting your own campaign to fund an Alinker, you are extending awareness of these issues to your community, which in turn contributes to a more inclusive global mindset — one in which we are continuously helping each other to #keepmoving.

Inclusion is something we achieve together, requiring collective action. Together, we move differently!

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