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We’re back! Our third year in a row, join us Saturday 22nd June 2019 at Movement 108 to swing kettlebells and raise dollars for Protect Our Winters | Canada



Last year we had 12 teams swinging and raised $12,000 for Legado Namuli! This year we're looking to crank it up, more than ever it's time to raise awareness and dollars for climate change. We LOVE P.O.W because of their mission:  

While it’s important for individuals to take steps to lower their carbon footprint and adopt important initiatives such as composting, recycling and eating less meat, that’s not the scale of change we need. In order to lower emissions to our target commitments, we need large scale policy solutions. All other sectors of the Canadian economy have organized themselves in a way to have influence over policy decisions which are important to their industry. The outdoor industry in Canada is massive, yet has never been organized in a way to have a collective voice and collaborative influence. That’s our mission and goal. As outdoor enthusiasts, we’re on the front lines of climate change and see the impacts first-hand. If we don’t step up and use our voice to protect the places we love and experiences we value, who will?

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