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Quidditch Canada was created July 1, 2014 to lead, promote and advance the sport of quidditch in Canada.

Quidditch is a mixed gender, full contact sport. Points are scored by scoring a ball through an opposing set of hoops or removing the snitch tail from the snitch runner. Players must remain mounted on a “broomstick” (PVC pipe) while in play, but can be knocked out of play by dodgeballs thrown by opponents. Together, these elements combine to create the unique sport that is quidditch. For more information about rules and positions, check out  http://quidditchcanada.com/how-to-play/  .

Quidditch has grown into a sport with thousands of athletes spread across more than 30 countries, and a biannual international championship. At Quidditch Canada, we are currently growing to include youth quidditch, high school, university, and adult quidditch, and wheelchair quidditch. We're focused on maintaining our identity as a gender-inclusive, LGBTQI2A+ friendly sport at all levels, and looking to increase our contributions to new immigrant and Indigenous Canadian participants, as well.

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Team Canada is taking to the pitch in Florence, Italy for the Quidditch World Cup 2018, and we're going with gold in mind. You can help us get there.

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