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Combatting the 6th Extinction and saving Zoo, Stables and Farm animals in distress, OWAP-AR Charity impacts our rescue animals every day of the year ...! Action- and concrete results- focussed, dedicated and passionate, our Teams are true activists; unrelentingly saving abandoned animals in war-zones and sub-standard zoos around the globe. Our humble Charity relies 100% on good people's compassion and generosity to create Miracles for the World's most vulnerable and innocent...THANKYOU for your support and 

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Ibb Zoo Yemen Emergency Rescue Mission Starving animals were escaping from their damaged enclosures in desperate search of food and being shot dead by local villagers at Ibb in destitute, war-torn Yemen! OWAP-AR Non-Profit has come to their rescue!

€6,372 raised of €10k goal
2 Years running

NEW RESCUE LAUNCH and APPEAL FOR Partnership/ Sponsorship ! 2019 One World Actors Productions Animal Rescues Charity: YEMEN'S VERY FIRST STRAY-DOG & Street CAT RESCUE & SHELTER CONSTRUCTION PROJECT Sana'a YEMEN

€5,301 raised of €30k goal
56 Weeks running

One World Actors Prods.( -Animal Rescues )Non-Profit: ARABIAN POLICE HORSES RESCUE MISSION Sana'a, Ibb, Dhamar, Al Hada, Soyoun & Al Bayda Hadhdramawt, Yemen: all current

€3,640 raised of €100k goal
3 Years running

RELEASE Taiz Zoo, Yemen's LION PRIDES from their tiny concrete dungeons! Let's build 3 humane, outdoor enclosures for them on-site to end their abject suffering! Let's repair the fencing of the Ibb Zoo Lions' open ranges to welcome Taiz Zoo Lions too...!

€5,152 raised of €15k goal
3 Years running

Please help us keep these 287 World Heritage animals alive through war-torn Yemen's blockade until Peace is brokered and our partner welfare teams can access this site.Trapped at defunct Taiz Zoo, they need adequate food and new, humane enclosures!

€7,683 raised of €24.9k goal
3 Years running

Please heal sad Striped Hyena's zoochosis and broken heart by offering her a humane, outdoor enclosure. Free her from her bare concrete dungeon and cruel confinement at run-down Taiz Zoo in warring Yemen and give her a new lease of life at last!

€340 raised of €500 goal
3 Years running