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Mary Lodes Eskie pup needs expensive surgery for removal of a large mass on his stomach. And it can't come at a worse time then the holidays. I'm hoping to raise the $2700 that is needed to see Ghost through this.

$370 raised of $2.7k goal
8 Hours left
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Radine, our blind rescue from San Antonio TX is in need of expensive vetting. She is diagnosed with pyometra, and xrays reveal water around the lungs. She a has a serious road ahead of her.

$2,000 raised of $2k goal
Finished September 23, 2017
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two years ago we rescued from death row Leroy, a 15 year old American Eskimo Dog. He is in bad need of removal of a large hanging tumor. Sadly, I can not afford on my own. Surgery will give him more more comfort for the rest of his sunset years.

$1,025 raised of $1k goal
Finished April 25, 2017
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Coba and Piper were savagely attacked by Pit bulls while they were out for a walk with their master Sarah. One is fighting for her life. Sarah has limited finances for such an unexpected and tragic hit to her life. Lets dig deep to help these babies.

$4,305 raised of $5k goal
Finished April 25, 2017
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On March 18, evil came to visit Mary Lee. In his wake he left behind 4 poisoned American Eskimo Dogs. Within two days of entering the vet clinic, Romeo and Juliet were dead.

$1,460 raised of $7k goal
Finished April 23, 2016
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This Fundrazr is to help defray the expensive emergency vetting care for Radar, the blind Eskie rescue we took in last year. Radar is currently hospitalized at Calumet Emergency Veterinary Clinic in Schererville IN. His condition was grave yet guarded.

$475 raised of $2.5k goal
Finished December 20, 2015
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Max was a last minute rescue out of an overcrowded SC shelter. He had no interest in local rescue or adoption as he was labeled heartworm positive, and unaltered. An expensive combination that rescues and adopters will say "pass". I didn't.

$700 raised of $2k goal
Finished April 20, 2015
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Yoshi was dumped in a shelter in Hamilton County Indiana back in February. Because he had a bite incident, he could not be placed on an adoption floor and was listed as rescue only. The shelter then searched for a rescue to take him. None would ...

$520 raised of $450 goal
3 Years running
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Bud here was dumped in a Lansing MI shelter. He was labeled as rescue only for showing his teeth in an exam. No rescues wanted to help a dog with this label. Except for Carol Raymond down in Texas. I drove 8 hours round trip, through a horrible ...

$490 raised of $450 goal
Finished November 24, 2014
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Fluffy was an owner surrender to the Chicago Animal Care and Control. He is 14 years old, and full of life. It was not his time to be disposed of. Fluffy's time was limited. His plea for help wasn't able to gain any traction with the public. ...

$60 raised of $350 goal
Finished October 16, 2014
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