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From the CREW of Quality of Life Art Project 2019.


The Quality of Life Crew would like to thank the Burning Man Organization for encouraging us to continue with our project. You may know our lead artist Josh Vaile/Koda Ringz has stepped away from the project to work on personal matters. We wish him well as he strives to find the same balance in his life he sought to symbolize in this art piece.


An art project never belongs to just one person. It is a conversation between collaborators and participants, between the past, present, and future. It requires communal input to realize its potential impact. This project does not belong to us; it belongs to you. We are grateful to have Burning Man’s continued support as our dedicated team of visionaries continue to move the project forward. Through our own metamorphosis as a team, this piece has become even more meaningful for us to bring to the playa to remind us how challenging – and necessary – finding balance is, and that we are not alone in that pursuit.

Quality of Life is a large-scale wood and metal sculpture representing a flock of large migrating birds - moving forward, together, towards home. This migration is a symbol of the collaborative movement of nature and all of its processes. The birds are balanced on each other, connected and supporting each other, head to heart, symbolizing the connection and balance between the thinking and the feeling, the cerebral and the spiritual.


Atop the head of the smallest bird rests a large metal feather, integral to the structural balance of the piece. This represents the fragility of the balance we aspire to. This balance can often seem impossible. We do not always succeed. But we must believe we can; we must believe in the impossible.


Quality of Life honors both collaboration and the balance needed to support our own Quality of Life - individually, communally, locally, and globally. It is also a representative of the Burning Man community, which could not exist without collaboration. We work together to build, to sustain, to grow, and to change. We could not exist without each other. We touch, we think, we feel.


As we move forward, our biggest need is funding to complete the work we have begun. Our next fundraiser will be held at Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor

WHEN: Friday, July 19th
TIME: Doors at 8, show starts at 9, DJ’s 11 to close
COVER: $10 suggested donation

Variety Show!
Live music!
Raffles, prizes, swag, and more!

If you would like to donate to our project, please visit one of our fundraising sites below. Donations will be used to purchase building materials and supplies, transport of the piece, required lighting, and safety. We are striving to build the piece using refurbished items where possible. A list of supply requests is posted on our website:






Fundraiser pages





Once again, we thank you for your support through our own transition and metamorphosis. May we all find ways to increase our Quality of Life.


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Quality of Life needs your support to assist with building and transporting this Art piece to Black Rock City. Please consider donating and spreading the word about Quality of Life.

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