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This is Loki the kitten, he is being fostered by a Friends of Larnaca Cats' foster mum.. Loki has had a succession of periods of ill health since he was diagnosed with pneumonia last Christmas. Since then things have gone from bad to worse.

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This is Potbelly. She normally lives in Sandy's Sanctuary, Larnaca. We have been trying to solve her diarrohea and potbelly for a while and were unable to work out what the problem was. She was finally taken into foster by one of our volunteers who ...

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Friends of Larnaca Cats feed and take care of around 400 cats and kittens in our shelter in Alethriko, as well as other colonies around Larnaca. Over the last couple of months we have had a number of very sick cats that have needed care from our vets. ...

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Your support means a lot to us. Please consider donating or spreading the word about our cause.

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Finished January 17, 2020

Little Simba lives on the streets in Larnaca, Cyprus. Some kind tourists have fallen for him and want to take him home to England where he will be loved for the rest of his life. However, it will cost over €400 to prepare him and fly him to London. ...

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This little kitten was found by volunteers on night watch at Hal Sultan Tekke, Larnaca, Cyprus. The volunteers are continuing a night watch because this colony has been decimated by dogs who are attacking the cats and we are trying to catch the ...

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Marla was found in an old lady's garden in Larnaca, Cyprus. Friends of Larnaca Cats were asked to take her into our care because she was not coping, not looking after herself and very, very frightened at everything. She was taken into a foster home ...

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Cyprus has a huge cat problem. Too many unwanted kittens are born and die every season. We trap & neuter then return stray and feral cats in Larnaca, Cyprus. It costs €55 to neuter each female and €35 for each male cat. Please help us by donating.

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