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British Columbia Witchcamp (BCWC) is a community of like-minded people who come together each year for one week to celebrate, learn, teach, and be together as community. We celebrate the earth as sacred. We honour the wild and work together to unify spirit and politics. BCWC is one of many camps following the Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft. “Our teaching, rituals, and spiritual practices are designed to develop personal and community empowerment, that combination of self-confidence, independent thought, intuition and engagement with the world that enables us to live by our principles and stand up for what we believe in.” -Starhawk

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If we don't raise $3500 through the Fundrazr or other means before camp starts, the auction may rise from the dead. Pledges count!! Donating through the site is just one way. You can also send money to RUSSELL at info@bcwitchcamp.ca earmarked for the ...

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This is Prism (Holly Hume) and I'm super excited to be the Fundraising Org for my 2nd year! How great was it not to have the live auction at camp for the last 3 years!? August is coming, scholarships are needed and it's time to kick up the momentum!

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Help us send witches to camp!

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