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Adapting to the pandemic in Rural -Kenya.

Although the reported cases of Covid-19 in Kenya remain low, the pandemic nevertheless is having a devastating impact on the lives of those who rely on earning money daily from their small businesses to put food on the table. Hunger is a very immediate problem.

Some friends have responded to help in a number of ways including providing food parcels for families that are struggling the most.

Small businesses are struggling like selling airtime, electrical appliances, cyber services, play stations and also operation of boda boda (motorbike taxi) service. Other people have diversified in selling hand sanitizers which, not unsurprisingly, have been popular.

The ongoing problems are substantial and many are struggling. Those (many) businesses that sell second-hand clothes from around the world have all but closed because they are believed to be infected with Covid-19. And local crime rates have risen with local murders and muggings being reported in the past few days. "Stay home" is an impossible task for those who live in the rural and "Stay safe" takes on a dimension beyond avoiding the risk of infection.

We are appealing to well wishers,cooperates and individuals to help us buy food to feed the very poorest community here ,children and adults.Now children are learning from home without knowing when this season will come to end.

You can help us by;

-Donating anything .

-Share our cause [Fundraiser]

-Recommend us to friends and supporters.

-Help us in getting donations.



-You can contact us if you want to get references from people who volunteered here from other countries like USA,Canada,Australia,Germany and many more countries and who know that this is a genuine organization .

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Amid the Covid-19 outbreak, the bells of a dual crisis ring out. Access to food in rural Kenya is severely threatened by unemployment and closure of activities that supply food, including schools. Your contribution can help us feed children in Mitaboni!

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