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In a world plagued by conflict, division and strife, people are on the lookout for methods to achieve happiness and balance. Some of the most powerful methods that many have turned to can be found in the wisdom taught by Buddha Shakyamuni 2500 years ago. They turn to this wisdom to enhance their lives, to enhance their relationships with those around them and even to enhance and deepen their understanding of their own faiths.

The only reason why we today have access to these fantastic teachings is because someone a long time ago took great pains to preserve the knowledge. Countless teachers, students, writers, translators and artisans worked hard and dedicated their lives to ensuring Buddha's wisdom would be available for future generations. Today, one team continuing this tradition are the men and women behind and we are inviting you to be a part of this movement in the 21st Century. is one of the most popular online resources making Shakyamuni's wisdom accessible to the wider public. To ensure everyone has equal access and no one is ever denied the tools they need to develop a higher consciousness, we have never charged for any of the information on the blog and we never will, just like the scholars of Nalanda never charged for the teachings, nor even Buddha Shakyamuni himself. So video teachings, audio recordings, high resolution downloadable images and texts - every single thing on the blog is provided 100% for free and it will always remain that way.

Now, we are seeking your help to take it to the next level!

As you know, we recently released the Nepali and Tibetan versions of It was a labour of love and now that the websites are live and we have thousands of articles to translate, the current situation cannot remain status quo. So we are raising funds for our translation works to continue. Your contribution will aid in this effort for the Dharma to be presented in simple, relatable and easy-to-access terms.



Since its launch in March 2010, has generated a total of 16.9 million views and since we started keeping monthly records, the average viewership each month is 355,236; in April 2019 alone, the blog had 406,716 views.

We are on target to exceed 17 million views by the end of June 2019. (August 2019: we have exceeded 18 million views! November 2019: we have exceeded 19 million views!)


These are just some of the countless people who have benefited from and have written in to express their gratitude. You can read many more stories here:

Join with us and make it possible for the blog to reach out to many more people!


Dear Rinpoche, I wanted to post here to thank you for all of your teachings! They have helped me tremendously! :) I have been learning from the blog and video teachings for some time now and the lessons have changed my life. Especially, death meditation. I have been following your teaching on death meditation and have been doing it for more than 8 months now. I didn't feel anything at first, but now I feel like i can accept negative things that happen in life in a totally positive way! I also want to do any good I can now! Instead of just waiting. I used to be lazy and had negative thoughts about life all the time before. But now it's gone! :) I also feel that death meditation can be a good counter to depression. Thank you so much Rinpoche! :)

~ Abinav Thakuri

Tsem Rinpoche, I love your blogs. you explain everything so well, not above people to the people. I never in my life would have thought I would see so many wonderful sights, and truly stunning workmanship on the buddhas. thank for bringing more Buddhism into my small piece of the world in Canada.It is truly awe inspiring and you are a great teacher for Westeners. thank you again for your many films..Namaste.

~ Margo Mitchell

How did I find out about Tsem Rinpoche... I actually do not remember to be honest. I believe I was on Youtube one day and I came across one of his wonderful Dharma talks. I then looked up his website and got fully engaged with the different resources that he had to offer. Many many many many thanks to Tsem Rinpoche and everyone else at the Kechara House. I am so lucky and blessed to have encountered all of this. When I get more money I will definitely help and donate to the Kechara House & Monastery. I hope to also visit one day as well. I must say I am a little bit obsessed about the resources offered. I spend at least 2 hours everyday browsing through the different posts, videos, and pictures to learn more about Tibetan Buddhism, and the Dharma.

~ Howard Diep



Take part in a 2500-year tradition and continue the quest of preserving important spiritual works.

(1) Preserve knowledge that benefits humanity

All Dharma texts that we have now in English was the result of a long, long process. In Tibet, people had to sit in the cold, focus and give up all distractions in order to study for years and receive the teachings. Then to make books of those teachings, someone had to import paper from India and China, which needed to be carried over the Himalayas.

Ink had to be made from special herbs harvested at specific times in the mountains. The teachings then had to be carved backwards into blocks of wood and then those woodblocks were used to print the Dharma texts, page by individual page.

Later, someone committed themselves to learning Tibetan, practicing and becoming so good that they can translate into English. Thanks to their dedication, they preserved the Dharma teachings that we are now able to read.

Your contribution will be a continuation of this tradition, helping to preserve commentaries, analysis and Buddhist information in different languages. Blogs are the modern woodblocks and unlike traditional woodblocks which are perishable, the blogs will last for hundreds of years, making available precious knowledge for generations to come.

(2) Alleviate people's sufferings

Many who read have written back to say that they were so moved, it convinced them to be even more dedicated to their own teachers. Others said that it taught them to be better adherents of their own faiths and spiritual traditions. Some said the knowledge gave them the courage to seek help for their addictions, or taught them to view their relationships with others in a different light.

Your contribution will generate an exponential amount of merit to support your own spiritual endeavours. When people read the information and it stops them from committing suicide, it stops them from engaging in spousal violence, it gives them some relief from ongoing depression, all of that generates merit dedicated to you, even in your future lives.

(3) Make other languages possible

Tibetan and Nepali are not the only two languages we will be working in. There are plans to grow the translation works to include other languages, to make Buddha Shakyamuni's teachings available to even more people from all over the world. Many practitioners live in regions far from teachers and Dharma centres so the blog is an invaluable resource for their practice.

Your contribution will help us plan for this expansion into other languages.


So your support in any amount will be appreciated. US$5, US$10, US$50, US$200 - everything helps.



Aside from getting the satisfaction of knowing you helped to preserve this precious knowledge which is so beneficial to humanity, in return for your generosity, please select any of the listed perks.

If you have any questions or questions, please contact Pastor Elena Khong at and she will be happy to help. Thank you in advance for your support ♥


p/s:- please help to forward this link on to others if you can, we would really appreciate all the help we can get, thank you! And if you would like to contribute but wish to do so via bank transfer to Kechara House Buddhist Association Malaysia, please get in touch!



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Containing many rare ingredients, they are energised through prayer and ritual for three consecutive nights by only the most senior and advanced members of the monastic community.

(The colour you receive may differ from the item pictured!)
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