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Young Vancouver Boy Collecting PJ’s For Kids in Need

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Young Vancouver Boy Collecting PJ’s For Kids in Need

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There is almost no better feeling than slipping into your pajamas, preparing cookies and milk while anxiously waiting for Santa’s arrival. However, every Christmas, there are thousands of kids that just aren’t privileged enough to experience the joys of Christmas or even the warmth of a new set of pyjamas.

In 2010, Todd Shelly wanted to teach his son the lesson of compassion by telling him that there are many families that go without gifts during Christmas. Reese’s answer (then 6yrs old) was “not even pyjamas?” which is a tradition in the Shelly household. And with that…The Christmas Pyjama Drive was born!


“It’s a cozy Christmas morning tradition we’ve always done. We open the pyjamas Christmas Eve so the kids snuggle into them for Christmas morning” Todd Shelly

The idea began as a mouth to mouth project as Reese and his friends collected donations from their elementary school. However, the idea quickly caught on as it was mentioned though the school’s announcements and assemblies.

Todd’s restaurant also jumped in to support the cause by offering 50% discounts to customers who donate a set of pyjamas. Soon, the idea exploded as several Lower Mainland, BC elementary schools jumped on board and acted as a drop off point for donations. Eventually, contributions included teddy bears and other holiday gifts.

Overall, Reese collected over 4000 sets of Pyjamas in the last 3 years and over 2000 sets in 2012 alone. Now 9, and with more enthusiasm than ever, Reese hopes to collect over 3000 sets of Pyjamas in time for Christmas. He plans to deliver the pyjamas to local Christmas bureaus and charities so that local underprivileged kids can have a nice pair of new pyjamas just in time for Santa’s yearly visit.

To reach his goals, Reese has partnered up with online, crowdfunding platform, FundRazr to reach more caring people. He hopes to spread the idea of Pyjama drive beyond Vancouver BC and hopes kids everywhere can enjoy a warm and happy Christmas.

Your donation will help outfit a child in Canada or the US (your choice) for long cold winters nights. Pyjamas provide warmth and the feeling of security and will give children a sense that they have not been forgotten this Christmas. To see story told by Reese, click here.

“Every kid deserves pyjamas at Christmas”
Reese Shelly (CEO & President)

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