Why We Should Give Free Money To The Homeless

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Why We Should Give Free Money To The Homeless

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We are used to think that it’s not a good idea to give free money to homeless people without any guidance and control. They are likely to spend their money quickly and with no purpose. Moreover, one of the researches by The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development showed that 6 out of 10 homeless people admitted problems with alcohol and drugs. Given that, we conclude that there is no way beggars will save money or spend it for long-term needs and future. We tend to think that everyone should work for his money, and free money makes people lazy.

What if we are wrong?! What if the most efficient way to help homeless people might be to give free money to them?!

raise money for homeless people

There have been many experiments and researches taking places in different countries in different periods of time. Rutger Bregman, a reporter of the Washington Post, put together inspiring results of some experiments in this article.

A small experiment involving 13 homeless men took place in London, May 2009. All these people had been sleeping on the streets for between 4 and 45 years. That spring, a local charity decided to run a social experiment offering them a personalized budget of 3,000 pounds in cash, with no guidance. The men could decide how to spend the money. There was no allocation system for the resources, no any assessment of their needs, help services were optional. No questions. No requirements.

The results exceeded expectations! Eleven men out of thirteen found accommodation, talked positively about their lives and started making some plans for the future. None wasted their money on alcohol and drugs.

Another experiment took place in a small Kenyan village. GiveDirectly, a charity that helps poor people in Kenya and Uganda offered men from the village $500 without any preconditions. They couldn’t believe it, as the charity gave away money without offering any trainings or medicine or anything. People spent the money on repairing their homes and starting small businesses. One of the men bought a motor cycle to provide transportation to local residents. That’s how he started making $6-$9 a day instead of less than $2 before the offer.

One of Ugandan programs gave $400 in cash to 12,000 poor youths aged 16-35. The results were surprising. The money was spent on their education and entrepreneurial ideas that resulted in the increase of their income by 50%.

These and other studies from all over the world prove that it’s worth of giving free money to the homeless.

Now, think about what impact each of us can make on homeless people’s lives in places we live.

You can raise money for a homeless person or a family in need you know and ask your friends and local community to help with your cause.

If you don’t believe in free money, you can always ran a crowdfunding campaign on behalf of a local charity that can do more for the homeless.

How do other people help?

A fellow from Sacramento (USA), Ron Dwyer-Voss, is raising money to help a local shelter to create a home for homeless women with kids. St. John’s Shelter is opening a larger shelter with 31 bedrooms to serve more women, provide them with longer stays and help get back on feet.

Ron has already raised 58% of his goal, and now he needs your help to sponsor other rooms. By supporting his cause you will provide these homes not only with base paint, beds and dressers, but contribute warmth and hope to women and kids in need.

Johanna Alderliesten from Zurich (Switzerland) started a fundraising campaign for an orphanage in Uganda. Many children there suffer from AIDS and other diseases. They need consistent medicine and healthcare. They have been living in a rented, 3 room house, miles from the nearest water source and without electricity.

The goal of Johanna’s mission is to help buy a new land and build a suitable home for the children and their caretakers, as well as take care of their health issues. Johanna has already raised $2,400. It’s worth supporting her cause, as all money will go directly to the orphanage.

Claire Henkel is going to teach English at the School of Hope, The Education for the Children Foundation in Guatemala. The foundation’s mission is “to break the cycle of poverty by providing children and young adults with the education, food, health care and social services they need to thrive in school and beyond.” They find children in need and work to keep them off the streets not only through education but also by providing them with meals, health care, social services, safe water and safer housing options for children and their families.

Claire is not only volunteering for the school. She is raising funds to help the foundation achieve these goals as well.

Everyone deserves to get another chance! Many people don’t make enough money for living. We can help make a difference in their lives.

Change a Life. For Good.

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