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Two Secrets: Not Your Typical Hollywood Story

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Two Secrets: Not Your Typical Hollywood Story

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In the coming of age film Two Secrets, Janey faces a day that holds the kind of rejection that could break her spirit and her heart. But it doesn’t. This short film is the story of the beginning of her transformation and is based on a true story about the life of, 27 year old, Ali Dolan. In February 1987, infant Ali was left amidst a trash strewn alley in the Bronx and subsequently adopted by loving parents. Ali is now a sponsored triathlete and motivational speaker, and has been in the national spotlight sharing her story.

Two Secrets is film by writer/director Charles Dye and features an incredible cast and crew. Their FundRazr campaign features a range of rewards, from a set visit during filming to executive producer credits.
We spoke with producer Jay Riggs about their project and crowdfunding to pay for the full budget of the film.

Why did you decide to start crowdfunding?

“It was the simplest way to raise a smaller amount of money on an artistic project that is simply not going to generate profit, therefore is not appealing to investors, only story lovers. We’re telling a non-Hollywood story and we’re not able to turn to traditional investment sources. So that’s why we need to turn to our audience to help us bring this powerful story to the world.”

How did you initially promote your campaign?

“We launched the FundRazr, promoted it to our Facebook Page following as well as the cast and crew’s personal Facebook pages and are sending emails to our friends, family members and work acquaintances.”

What has been the highlight of your crowdfunding experience so far?

“We were excited at the initial bump in funding and crowd participation and hope to be able to keep that going. Also the fact that people who gave are starting to have organic conversation about the project on their own via Facebook.”

What advice do you have for others wanting to start a crowdfunding project?

“Have your project put together as good as possible before launching your crowdfunding campaign to the public.

A great pitch should include:
Funding goals,
Why you are raising money,
Who is involved,
How you will achieve your goals,
and great rewards, pictures and media.

Have your team and your close friends and family pre-prepped to get online and start off the contributions and ready to send Facebook messages and emails.”

For more on the Two Secrets FundRazr including rewards, the production team, actors, and credentials in entertainment Click Here.

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