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Top 5 Ways To Successfully Crowdfund

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Lessons Learned from One Fund Boston: How to Crowdfund on Social Media to Raise Money

After the traffic events at this year’s Boston Marathon, people began searching for a way to give back to the victims, families and first responders affected by the bombings. In response, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Tom Menino formed The One Fund Boston.


“One particular strategy—crowdfunding—helped The One Fund Boston raise over $20 million in less than a week and attract considerable attention. The nonprofit has received an outpouring of donations from organizations including shoemaker New Balance, Major League Baseball and Simon Property Groups, among many others,” Stephanie Kapera, a contributor at Software Advice, explained.

Other organizations and groups began popping up in the wake of the bombings, and by taking advantage of websites like Teespring, Pinterest and other social media channels, these organizations were able to raise a considerable amount of funds for the Boston Marathon victims.

So once you have your crowdfunding campaign set up through a company like FundRazr, how can you manage a successful campaign? We’ve compiled a few tips to help set you on the right path to exceed your fundraising goal:

  1. Act quickly – It’s important to get your crowdfunding campaign up as quickly as possible. The more time that goes by after a disaster like the Boston Marathon bombings, the less proactive people are about giving.
  2. Leverage online influencers – Pinpoint allies to your cause who have large social media followings and ask them to share your campaign with their audience.
  3. Use a multi-channel approach – Use as many social media channels as you have access to in order to reach the largest audience.
  4. Use hashtags – Hashtags are a great way to categorize information and can help spread awareness.
  5. Get visual – People pay attention to and learn better from visuals rather than plain text. Additionally, people are 43 percent more likely to share an image over a content with just text.

Social media can be a great tool to get the word out about your crowdfunding campaign, and with the right strategies and tactics, you’re sure to see a successful outcome.

To read Kapera’s full article, click here.

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