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Top 4 Ways to Promote Your FundRazr Campaign

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Top 4 Ways to Promote Your FundRazr Campaign

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Find our Success Guide at the bottom of this article to view it online or download it.

Promoting your campaign is the key to success – Get started with the following 4 ways:

1. Post Story Updates on your FundRazr

Your supporters want to know that their contribution is making a difference to your cause. Post a story update 3 times per week to keep them informed. You can add links to your blog, website, news articles, and more! You also have the option of posting the update to Facebook.
Tip: Post links to relevant blogs, websites, news articles, and images to make it interesting!

2. Facebook: Share on Facebook 3 times per week.

The Facebook newsfeed often gets cluttered with content that many users find meaningless. Make sure your friends and family see your posts by sharing your campaign 3 times per week.
Tip: Post a photo with a link to your campaign in the description. Facebook newsfeed gives higher priority to images. Photos of animals particularly grab attention!

3. Twitter: Share on Twitter once per day.

Make sure to create a Tweet that stands out from the rest! Make sure to include relevant and popular hashtags (Find some helpful Twitter tips here).
Tip: Here are a few ways to create engaging Twitter posts:
-“Thank you @(YourLastDonor) for your contribution to my #FundRazr. Please help me reach my #fundraising goal by donating here (http://fnd.us/c/xxxxx)”
– @(YourFavoriteCelebrity) Please help me raise money for (your cause here) with a donation and RT! (http://fnd.us/c/xxxxx)
-Please RT: Support my #fundraising for (your cause). Every $1 makes a difference. (http://fnd.us/c/xxxxx)

4. Create a Facebook Page

Make a Facebook Page for your cause or organization. Post frequent updates and engaging content to gain supporters for your cause.

Must-Do Tip: Install a “Give via FundRazr” tab so your fans can donate while on your Facebook page. (See example here)

FundRazr Success Guide

Read and download our FundRazr Success Guide. It’s full of helpful tips & tricks to help make your campaign a success!

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