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Today’s Heroes Crowdfund For Their Friend In Need

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Today’s Heroes Crowdfund For Their Friend In Need

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Sometimes the people who are in most need of help don’t know who to ask or can’t even bring themselves to reach out for support.

That’s where good friends come in. They are a constant support and are there for you whenever you need. This is the case of Zoeann Piasecki, who’s friend suffers from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). Her MCS was caused by chemical exposure when a former employer installed new carpet and workers were exposed to long term breathing of fumes.

Zoeann decided she needed to do something to help her friend and she knew she needed others to get involved to raise enough money, naturally she turned to crowdfunding. So far, she has gathered more than 90 friends to raise almost $4000. We spoke with Zoeann about why she believes crowdfunding is a life saving effort, and to find out how a small group of friends have been able to raise a much larger sum than any one of them could do individually.

Can you tell us a little bit about your friends condition and what you’re raising money for?

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a life changing injury that has no cure. Because of this she has severe limitations in the job market because every time she leaves her home she must wear a mask to avoid severe reactions to perfumes, air fresheners, etc, and chemicals of all kinds.

Because of her current unemployment, she is far behind in her mortgage payments and is in imminent danger of losing her house. If she loses her house there is no safe place for her to go to avoid chemical exposure and she will likely die. She is behind with other creditors as well. So as you can see, it is a frustrating and complex need.

Why did you decide to turn to crowdfunding?

I started the FundRazr initially to help her try to catch up on her mortgage and meet her living expenses for a short term. She is also applying for other types of financial aid such as food stamps and Social Security disability but these programs take a long time to be approved and still do not solve the problem of saving her house.

How did you initially promote your campaign and get friends involved?

I have promoted it on Facebook and through email through a small group of friends. We have been very successful in helping with living expenses for several months, however, to solve the mortgage crisis would require a much larger sum (at least $20,000) and is far beyond the scope of my limited group of contacts.

What was the highlight of your experience crowdfunding?

Many in our group have donated multiple times…and I have done updates and even ran a special weekend where I personally matched all donations. I have been enormously happy with the results we have achieved through FundRazr. A small group of people have been able to raise a much larger sum than any one of us could do individually.

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