Tiny Home, Big Hearts Runs FundRazr to Give Selfless Homeless Mother and Daughter a Home, and So Much More

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Tiny Home, Big Hearts Runs FundRazr to Give Selfless Homeless Mother and Daughter a Home, and So Much More

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Brice Royer had already been struggling with a stomach tumor and depression for several years when a doctor told him that feeling loved and cared for is the world’s best medicine.

“I can’t buy love, but maybe I can give it away,” he said. So just for fun, he wrote a Craigslist ad selling Unconditional Love for $0 that reached millions of people in a few days.

Francesca Murray, a Vancouver mother currently living at a women’s shelter, responded to his Craigslist ad for help with cooking to meet his strict dietary restrictions. On top of that, she offered to help Brice feed more hungry people.

The team was so touched that Brice and his friends decided to surprise her with food and donated meals. Instead, she turned the surprise right back on them by sharing the food with six other women at the shelter.

Ruso Llanera, Brice Royer, and Francesca Murray

Ruso Llanera, Brice Royer, and Francesca Murray

Recently, Brice’s team found out that Francesca’s term at the shelter ends in February, leaving her searching for a new home.

What started as a goal to raise $5,000 to get Francesca back on her feet grew into something much bigger. They wondered what would happen if they built a sustainable solar-powered tiny house that could be temporary housing not only for Francesca, but also for other people experiencing transitions?

They envisioned the tiny home being owned and run by a local non-profit that would provide the services necessary to all aspects of transitioning back into stable, permanent housing. Individuals and families would be welcome to stay in the tiny home, all by donation, which could then be used to build more homes and start an international pay-it-forward housing movement.

The team aims to raise $20,000 towards building a tiny home, as well as the $5000 to support Francesca’s short term housing needs, for a total of $25,000.

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By helping one homeless mother and her daughter, Brice Royer, Ruso Llanera, Jodelene Weir, and Ian MacKenzie are also supporting the environment, minimizing the cost of living, and kicking off a huge chain reaction of paying it forward.

“I believe that by helping one person, we are helping all of humanity,” said Brice, who hopes this is the beginning of a pay-it-forward housing movement that will spread. “We are looking for like-minded, open-hearted people to share their mission and get this project off the ground. Maybe that’s you.”

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