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The Story of Fashion Destroying the World’s Vital Rivers

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The Story of Fashion Destroying the World’s Vital Rivers

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The textile industry is a significant contributor to many national economies. In terms of its output, contribution to employment and production, the textile industry is one of the largest industries in the world. Asian countries including India play a dominant role in producing fashion clothes for big brands that people wear, such as Mango, Valentino, UNIQLO and H&M.

Now look at your closet, count all of your pairs of jeans, do you know how dirty your jeans are? What we buy affects the lives of people making them. Through severe chemical manufacturing processes and the irresponsible disposal of toxic chemical waste, one of our favorite fashion products has destroyed the rivers and changed the lives of people who count on these waterways for their survival. Dirty practices of top brand manufacturers have a huge negative impact on rivers, lakes, oceans and air.

Mark Angelo, an internationally celebrated river conservationist, who has been working on protection of global waterways for over 40 years, with the RiverBlue film crew chose not to sit back, but become actively involved in trying to make a positive change. They have decided to produce a feature-length documentary that will focus on global water pollution issues and challenges that confront countries-manufacturers. The goal of this project is to bring further awareness to the destruction of some of the world’s vital rivers and demand significant change in the textile industry from the top fashion brands that can make a difference.

The team started their journey by visiting India, Bangladesh , Indonesia, China and taking the first in-depth look at the textile and tannery industries, namely denim manufacturing.

Just as we wouldn’t want our children to drink the toxic waste from chemical manufacturing, can we accept that for the children of those who are producing what we buy?

The clothes we wear should tell a story we can be proud of and activists, bloggers, designers, scientists and models should be able to convince big brands to commit to toxic-free fashion. There is still a long way to go, but together, our voice is stronger and that will make big brands stand up and deliver.

Join the RiverBlue team in this global water movement. Pick a perk and help make a positive change for rivers and those who use them.

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