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The Season Of Giving – Where Is Your Money Best Spent?

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The Season Of Giving – Where Is Your Money Best Spent?

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The Holiday Season has arrived, and while most are looking forward to spending some quality time with family it’s also a time for generous giving, which usually turns into last minute shopping in search for the perfect gift. There is no doubt that giving makes us feel good, and what better way to make others feel good than to give to a charity or nonprofit organization that works for the greater good of our local and global communities. Go ahead, and be generous this holiday season. If you do so with both your head and your heart, your giving will warm you and others for a long time to come.

Are you still contemplating what to ask for and where to spend your money? Look no further, below are 4 ways to celebrate the season of giving in the most meaningful way.

1) Raise money for a charity of your choice

Ask your friends and family to donate to your chosen cause or charity in lieu of Christmas gifts. Create a campaign where you can pool together your friends contributions and donate it directly to your chosen charity. This introduces more and more like-minded people to a cause you care about, and helps the charity fulfill their worthy mission and associated programs. If you gave earlier in the year to an organization helping in a disaster, then go back to that organization and give more. Much of the need from any disaster comes later, in the recovery period. Your continued support will mean so much to that nonprofit and the people it helps.

2) Raise money for your friend in need

Do you have a friend or family member in need of support, battling health issues, recovering from an accident or need assistance with living expenses? This person might be too shy to voice their needs and you could be the perfect advocate for them. Creating a campaign is the most thoughtful gift you could give someone you love, it brings friends and family together to contribute to a worthy cause. This is exactly what the holiday spirit is about and would be much appreciated by your chosen recipient.

3) Donate to your friends’ favorite charity

Give a gift to a friend that shows you care about what matters to them by having them choose a charity or cause that they find meaningful. Search for a charity, cause or project that they are passionate about and make a generous contribution in lieu of a gift. Making a donation in the name of your colleague for ‘Secret Santa’, friends or family is a thoughtful way to share the holiday spirit and make your generosity go further.

4) Give a gift to a furry little friend

Make a huge difference this holiday season by adopting a pet or raising money for veterinary care for one of many animals rescued by nonprofit organizations. Thousands of animals are rescued every year and many people generously give to help support these initiatives. This is particularly evident at the year end, when charitable gifts need to be clocked in by December 31st in order to receive a tax deduction. Thankfully FundRazr has a range of incredible nonprofit organizations that provide animals in need with medical care, shelters and forever homes.

How are you celebrating the gift of giving this season?
Start raising money for a cause you care about in time for Christmas!

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