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The Heart of your FundRazr

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by: Camara Cassin

The easiest part of fundraising online is starting the actual fundraiser itself.  The more difficult task is getting the message across about your cause.

You could be raising money for many different things.  People use FundRazr  to raise money for:

Medical Expenses
Personal Chip-in’s (such as getting a birthday gift for someone, or throwing a party)
Legal Fees (like adoption expenses)
Sports Team Clothing / Equipment / Trips
School Activities or Tuition

Individuals and organizations can use it.  Even non-profits use it.

But the success of the FundRazr comes down to one thing.  Connection.  In order to give your cause meaning and truly connect with the people that you are asking for help you need to give them something to connect to. People spend money for two reasons – it either solves a problem or it makes them feel good or both.  Most causes solve problems of the cause – but not of the donor.  That leaves us with the Feel-Good factor as the reason for the expenditure.  It’s about their ability to connect, personally to your cause.

So how can you make people feel good about your cause?

Tell them how their support will make a difference. You can’t actually make anyone feel anything.  The only thing you can do is tell them what the situation is and how it makes you feel – or how it makes the family/individual etc feel.  Then either the person will empathize with your situation or they won’t.  It is also important to add credibility to your cause by including contact information such as an email address/ website or Facebook pages/ profiles.  If you don’t have these things YOU SHOULD if you want to take advantage of Fundraising online.  Setting up a social media presence really makes an impact on the amount of people you can connect with, and the amount of money that can be raised.

You need to answer these questions:
Who is the money for?
Why do they need the money?
What does it mean to them?

Most people will do research on the cause before hitting the “Give Now” button.  They need time to connect, and something to connect with.  Now not all people connect with / empathize with the same things.  A person who feels compassion for a puppy that needs surgery may not have any desire to help someone buy equipment for their sports team.  But the truth is that we are all human.  In the core of our beings we are good hearted, kind, caring people (most of us).  We want the Story. The Story can be as in-depth or as short as it needs to be in order to convey a message that someone can FEEL in their heart. We want to connect with other people.  We want to feel happiness and give others happiness too.  We want to help.  We want to belong to a community.

Your social network is not just people on the Internet.  It is souls reaching out to each other in community. It is, in a way, the most connected to each other that people have ever been.  Some say the Internet is impersonal and has no heart.  I believe that the Internet has a heart – YOURS.  It is an experience that can be personalized to the degree a person is willing to share themselves.

When you speak the truth, and speak from your heart – people will hear you.  People will reach out.  People will want to help you and know you (and your cause), and you will find the community you never knew was already there.

Do some thinking about the heart of your cause.  Why is it important?  How does it make you feel?  Write it down.  What pictures do you have that symbolize the heart of your cause?  An image can be worth a thousand words.  Picture and a short video add dimension and allow for more connection of your viewers with your cause.

Now that you have that feeling it’s time to start , or add detail to, your online FundRazr.


It will walk you through creating a campaign step by step.  Make your first paragraph count – it’s the one people will see at a glance!

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