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The Crowd Funder Show Inspires Donation

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The Crowd Funder Show Inspires Donation

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In a spectacular display of ingeniously mixed-media promotion, Fox has unveiled a new television show that looks to promote crowdfunding to a wider audience.

The Crowd Funder TV Show takes a weekly run at highlighting ongoing crowdfunding initiatives that its producers consider worthy of such focus. They are selected according to their creativity, social relevance and commercial viability.

FundRazr serves as the show’s preferred fundraising platform.

Crowdfunder Show via FundRazr Each half-hour episode hones in on a half-dozen or so crowdfunding campaigns — pulled from FundRazr’s active list — with a view to boosting interest through exposure. In each instance, a case is made for securing viewers’ donations by way of sometimes heart-wrenching, always compelling detail about the need for a cash infusion.

What makes this crowdfunding program particularly unique is its offer to reward contributors with sponsored gift cards — for 100 percent of the amount they pledge — for popular retailers like Best Buy, Starbucks and Canadian Tire, in denominations up to $100.

When the dust has cleared, every $100 that comes in actually translates into $133 in value after it’s distributed among the partners.

Viewers can choose to support projects by contributing directly to the campaign website or by calling a toll-free number.

Upcoming shows will feature a family whose two little boys have both been stricken with cancer, seeking to fundraise $45,000 to pay for meals and toys;

and an enterprising group that needs $24,500 to fund a push to introduce internationally understood symbols to prescription medicine, in a bid to decrease drug mismanagement.

The Crowd Funder Show, which originates out of Buffalo’s Fox studios, is produced by Toronto’s Merton Park Film Studios.

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