TechVibes: Vancouver’s Fundrazr Hits $20 Million in Donations

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TechVibes: Vancouver’s Fundrazr Hits $20 Million in Donations

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TechVibes took notice as FundRazr reached $20 million in international donations!

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The article shows how FundRazr supports campaigns for a broad range causes, unlike some of the crowdfunding competitors and has lower fees!

“The range of causes highlighted by Fundrazr speaks to the needs it answers that Kickstarter and Indiegogo won’t…Indiegogo allows for campaigns like Fundrazr’s, but takes twice as much off the top as Fundrazr does if the campaign fails.”

TechVibes took notice to the way FundRazr supports educational causes through campaigns with the Tiger Woods Foundation and Herzing University.

Read the full article on TechVibes.

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