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FundRazr Success Story: Aprons for Gloves [VIDEO]

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FundRazr Success Story: Aprons for Gloves [VIDEO]

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What does it take to get over 3000 people involved in a charity event and raise almost $400,000 in the process? Aprons for Gloves.

Aprons for Gloves Boxing Association is a non-profit organization focused on providing community outreach through the sport of boxing. This Vancouver based organization has provided programs for at-risk women and youth that offer free mentorship and boxing training with the hopes of teaching discipline, respect, and hard work.

In the last 3 years hundreds of individuals have raised money to participate in the Restaurant Rumble, Aprons charity boxing event that requires members of the local service industry to trade in their apron for a pair of boxing gloves to raise money.

We met with Chuck McIntosh to discuss highlights from their crowdfunding experience, how to build an online community and advice for people who want to raise money with the help of a large team.
[Watch our video below]

Building an online community of thousands:

“Originally we just needed to raise funds for our cause, it ended up becoming much more than that. It ended up turning into this little community, where everybody supports each other and we all get together to train. Through FundRazr we were able to give each competitor their own unique page that they could drive their friends, family and supporters to. Then they are able to share that out on their social network.”

The highlight of the experience:

“My favourite part has been seeing peoples lives change throughout this experience. The people that have come into this go through it and come out the other side better people. It’s really a fantastic thing to be a part of, and I’m very proud of it.”

Advice for seeking funding for a project or non-profit:

“Every campaign has a good story where you share the passion that you have for your cause. You need to able to tell your story in a way that people could grab a hold of it, support it, embrace it, and be passionate about it.”

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