Sponsored Perks: $10 Donation for $10 Gift Card – New Crowdfunding Trend?

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Sponsored Perks: $10 Donation for $10 Gift Card – New Crowdfunding Trend?

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Conventional wisdom suggests that a campaign can only offer perks if it is a business and has a tangible product such as a watch, a bag, a piece of art. However, more and more campaigns are offering perks in different ways such as thank you notes and custom t-shirt. Now, with the launch of The CrowdFunder Show and their sponsored perks, they have again redefined the idea of perks.

What is the CrowdFunder Show?
The Crowd Funder TV Show is a new, weekly show on FOX that focuses on the industry of crowdfunding Every week, 6 campaigns will be given the opportunity to tell their story through a well crafted segment on TV. The campaigns can be of any category including entrepreneurial, non-profit, creative, and personal.

How Do They Crowdfund?
As the show’s preferred platform, all their campaign are hosted on FundRazr. After watching the campaigns on TV, supporters can contribute to their favourite campaigns by going on the respective FundRazr page.

One of the most heart warming campaigns was a story of two young brothers battling cancer together. Matteo was 2.5 years old when he lost his bladder and prostate to cancer. After extensive treatment, he is now progressing well. However, the family recently discovered that Matteo’s little brother, Nicco has leukaemia; which once again pulled the family into fighting mode.

Another cool campaign was a campaign to end medical mislabeling. Every year, as many as 10,000 deaths can be attributed to medical mislabeling. After much research, 2 ladies constructed a picture focused medical label that is easy to read and cheap to manufacture.

The campaigns have raised $7,100 and $7,345 respectively. Collectively the CrowdFunder show has raised $50,348.

Reasons for Success

Sponsored Perks
The CrowdFunder Show was able to secure sponsorship deals with major companies such as Bestbuy, Staples, and Starbucks to offer gift cards that matched the donation amount. For example, a donor would receive $10 gift card to a brand of their choice for a donation of $10. The gift cards are not free, so the campaign receives about 33% of all donations. However, the sponsored gift card model offers more incentives for donors to donate, which has led to an increase in donations.

Sponsored Perks at Crowdfunder Show

Multi-Channel Media Distribution
In the information age, one channel of information distribution is often not enough. After airing on TV, the CrowdFunder show also made smaller web segment to attract the internet demographic. The videos were hosted on YouTube and uploaded to the FundRazr campaign pages, which has led to an increase in donations.

Key TakeAways

We understand that not everyone can bring in big sponsors like Starbucks and Staples. However, everyone can explore the possibilities of perks and different ways to leverage already created media. We want our campaigners to explore the possibilities of crowdfunding and even show us what could be done better. For more tips on perks, read our previous blogpost here.

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