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Raising funds for a movement: what you need to know before launching your crowdfunding campaign.

Crowdfunding Advisors Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Raising funds for a movement: what you need to know before launching your crowdfunding campaign.

Crowdfunding Advisors, FundRazr Team

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It can be scary to start a movement and try to change the world. But it doesn’t have to be – with the right crowdfunding campaign, your movement can reach a whole new level. 

Of course, there’s some basic steps to complete, such as setting up your social group, building your initial email list and gathering your team. But there are four other aspects that you need to take care of to provide smooth experience of your supporters, too. Let’s go through them together:   

  1. Make sure you operate within your payment processors’ rules and regulations. All payment processors require you to verify your identity to ensure that you can be trusted and you comply with anti-money laundering laws. By successfully setting up your account, they can make sure that you’re providing a positive donation experience, free of glitches and technical issues, for your supporters. Remember, FundRazr never handles or holds the money you raise, funds are transferred from the donor to you via your chosen payment provider. 
  2. Follow FundRazr’s instructions on launching your campaign. Many of these directions will be important for delivering a smooth campaign experience after you launch. Some examples of these instructions include how to invite your team members (and making sure they accept), finishing your WePay or PayPal account linking, and more. 
  3. Set up a payout schedule with your payment processor. Any movement requires building momentum. That means that allocating the funds you raised is going to be important. Payment processors usually ask you to select the payout schedule that works best for you. Standards terms come as daily, weekly or monthly.
  4. Connect your campaign to Google Analytics so you can track and monitor its performance. To do that, you just have to drop the Google Analytics tracking code into the campaign (find it under the Marketing tab). You can also set up Facebook pixel and Google Adwords tracking, if you run paid advertising.
  5. Pick the campaign layout that works best for your movement. Did you know that besides a standard layout, FundRazr has 6 other campaign layouts including one tailored to recurring contributions? Check out the layouts here to see what works best for your movement: Six exciting campaign layouts 

If you want to brainstorm on how to take your movement to the next level, drop us a note and we’ll connect you with your personal crowdfunding strategist!

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