Philippines Typhoon

Philippines Typhoon: 7 Amazing Examples of Compassion & Generosity

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Philippines Typhoon: 7 Amazing Examples of Compassion & Generosity

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Credits: AP Photo/Aaron Favila, on Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013

We don’t choose a tragedy or disaster…It comes so fast and unexpectedly that all we can do is choose our response when a disaster happens.

Support people who are raising money for Philippines typhoon victims in order to rebuild their homes, deliver food and supplies to damaged areas, help families who lost everything.

We have many campaigners who created disaster relief funds for their families or communities in small and remote areas of the Philippines affected by the storm. They have connections with victims and know exactly what they need and how the help can be organized.

Even though large international organizations are helping those who survived, there are still many people who are waiting for help and support. Together we can make a difference to a particular family!

7 Amazing Examples of Compassion and Generosity:

1) Jenn and Nils are heading to the Philippines in early December. They have decided to provide assistance to secluded island dwellers in the Calamian Islands of northern Palawan (Coron) instead of taking a vacation. Their goal is to help families rebuild their houses, provide them with food, water, medical supplies and shelter. Most of these communities are completely cut off from the mainland, and major disaster relief efforts are focused on the other parts of the country.

2) Patrick is going to Cebu, the Philippines to volunteer in the relief efforts for typhoon Haiyan victims next week. He will pay for all his transportation and accommodation on his own. All donations will go to those who are in need of food, water, medicine and shelter.

3) David is heading to Cebu, the Philippines to help his friends deliver rice and water to the surrounding villages. With the help of generous friends and community, they have already collected 2410 bottles of water, 400 loaves of bread, 113 bags of rice, 10,000 yards of tarp, and many other supplies. His campaign has exceeded the goal, but you can still donate to keep their mission going.

4) Luis Garcia is helping his wife’s family to overcome this tragedy in Tacloban, the Philippines. Her family survived the typhoon, but the city is destroyed and most services, utilities still haven’t been restored. Luis is raising money to relocate the family to Cebu until they’re able to return home.

5) Ysa is raising money for her 10 first-degree families in her hometown in Tacloban, the Philippines. The funds will be used to buy basic necessities as they start restoration in their lives.

6) Linda and her brother David are raising money for the village of Tabing Leyte in the Philippines. Typhoon Haiyan destroyed all homes there. No food. No money. No power. No phone. It will take months for the Red Cross to get to them. David has a niece in Cebu to organize help for the village. The first shipment of food is already on the way to Tabing. All donations will be used to purchase food, water and other supplies for the village.

7) Irene and her sister Anna are directly helping victims of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in their hometown Ormoc. Most of the houses and infrastructures there have been destroyed and electricity has been off since the storm made landfall. People have been desperate for basic supplies like water, food and shelter. All donations will be used to purchase basic needs for victims.

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