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Nonprofits: 4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your LinkedIn Page

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Nonprofits: 4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your LinkedIn Page

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With the dominance of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube in the world of crowdfunding, sites like LinkedIn may tend to get a bit overshadowed; but that shouldn’t mean, however, it is not a valuable asset for your non-profit. LinkedIn is a leader in the online business community and can be a great place for business professionals to discover your brand. If your non-profit decides to venture onto LinkedIn, follow these 4 steps to ensure success.

1. Create your organization’s page
Your employees should not only have their own personal profiles, but your organization should have a company page! The essential things that you should have are a header image, logos, and also an in-depth description about your organization and your industry in general. Also make sure to add in a link to your website and/or any featured groups.

2.Engage with Your Followers
Use images: According to LinkedIn, posts with images have a 98% higher comment rate, so don’t skimp.
Include links: Posts with links to other content have twice the engagement rate than posts without.
Add videos: Adding a video to your company page update can result in a 75% higher chance of that update being shared by your followers.
Post frequently: Organizations that post 20 times per month reach at least 60% of their audience. That works out to about one post per business day.

3. Maximize your presence by showing your organization’s value.
Include the services that your organization provides to your company page, such as fundraisers, volunteer jobs, or training programs. When you have many reviews and recommendations on your page for all of your events, products and services, it shows any potential members or donors the value that people find in your organization.

4. Recruit & invite more members to get more followers
Invite your current connections, members, and donors to follow your company page. Let them know what the page will do for them by providing important content, updates and general news about your organization to keep them informed; ultimately, leading your current followers to share your content with their own network of connections. This should, undoubtedly, increase your exposure and number of followers.

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