Nonprofit growth tactics you can apply right away to achieve great results

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Nonprofit growth tactics you can apply right away to achieve great results

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Often nonprofit growth is measured based on the amount of revenue generated by the organization. No doubt that nonprofit revenue matters and demonstrates that the community is actively supporting the mission. However, do you agree that true nonprofit growth starts earlier? Does it start from that magic moment when you see the new donors joining your mission or heart-warming endorsements on social media?

At FundRazr, we believe nonprofit growth is complex, nuanced, and dependent on your unique organization. Revenue is an outcome, while the process of engineering the growth is what takes time and experimentation. In our attempt to get to the DNA of nonprofit growth, we decided to ask some of the organizations that we work with what helped them move the needle and bring great community and revenue results.

Their answers were exciting and varied — everything from wishlist items, to DIY campaigns, to reaching supporters on dark social channels. But the one thing that all these answers have in common is using FundRazr as the secret sauce for nonprofit growth!

Let’s explore what some of these nonprofits have to say and how your organization can replicate their success.

Nonprofit growth is reaching new supporters in dark social channels

Sharing your campaign on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is a must. But there’s a lot of competition! Everyone is always sharing something, whether it’s their favourite dog video or their last vacation. How can you ensure that your crowdfunding campaign reaches your supporters through all the noise? The answer is dark social.

Despite the name, dark social isn’t mysterious or negative. It just simply means social sharing on non-public channels, where users can have conversations in privacy. 

Next time, instead of sharing your campaign as a public Facebook post, try sharing it with a small, private group of your donors using Facebook Messenger. According to MobileMonkey, Facebook Messenger has 10-80 times better engagement than email. 

Other dark social channels include: 

  • Text-to-give
  • Slack
  • Discord servers
  • Reddit
  • Whatsapp
  • Zoom
  • Podcasts
  • All direct messaging on networks like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn

With FundRazr’s social-sharing capabilities, you can easily reach the largest crowd possible via dark social, and engage them with just a few clicks of a button. One trick we suggest is using URL shorteners that can tell you when and how many people clicked on your link. This feature is built into all our campaign pages, so you don’t have to bother with an extra step.

Nonprofit growth is turning your ask into an impactful wishlist

Let’s do a quick experiment. Which ask would be more likely to inspire you to contribute?

  • “Do you want to donate to a child suffering from anxiety?”
  • “Do you want to donate $30 to provide a stuffed toy to a child suffering from anxiety? Or, $65 to provide a stuffed toy and a counselling session?”

Most of us would probably choose the latter. That’s why turning your ask into an impactful wishlist is so powerful. 

Wishlist items demonstrate the clear value of contributions to your campaign. By breaking down your fundraising goal into tangible items and giving your supporter a choice on what they prefer to give, they feel connected to your story right away because they can see exactly where their money is going. 

That’s exactly what Pathstone Foundation did with their Worry Monster campaign. They used wishlist items to tell an emotional story with a positive impact — and raised over $10,000 to help children struggling with anxiety!

The great news is that the FundRazr platform makes it super simple! Try it next time, we guarantee you will see great results!

Nonprofit growth is turning your donors into passionate advocates

Donation is a great endorsement of the support, however, that’s not the final destination. We often discuss with our nonprofit community the concept of a “cold donor” – someone who donates once in a while but does not help you spread the word and carry the mission forward. So how can you encourage your donors to become your advocate? The short answer is to make them active participants of your mission, not only contributors or observants. Let us give you an example:

Commemorative Air Force is on a mission to acquire, restore and preserve in flying condition a complete collection of combat aircraft which were flown by all military services of the United States. They successfully raised over $400,000 over two years. During that period, their donors were always in touch with the organization and journey via the FundRazr platform’s automatic updates and communication functionality. It helped Commemorative Air Force turn their donors into active advocates as donors felt included, excited and part of the mission.

Asking your supporters to amplify your mission and help you carry it forward — beyond a simple monetary gift — is one of the mostly effective ways to unlock your nonprofit growth.

Nonprofit growth is hitting 100% of your fundraising goal earlier than expected

Sounds simple, right? Nothing feels more satisfying than seeing your project fully funded — and even surpassing your goal ahead of the deadline. How does it impact nonprofit growth? Here at FundRazr, er see across all our nonprofit crowdfunding campaigns that if the crowdfunding campaign starts to receive a good amount of contributions in the first 24 hours, it will likely outperform its goal. The secret is in the trust cycle – when new donors see the project that already received contributions, the campaign automatically looks more credible and urgent. In order to kick off those first contributions, we strongly recommend communicating your crowdfunding plans as early as two weeks to the closest circle of your donors to secure their support.

There are also other things that significantly contribute to the early success. Let’s take a look at Nelson and District Women’s Centre, who’s crowdfunding campaign raised $15,720, or 105% of their goal!

Here’s how they did it:

  • They offered donors beautiful perks in the form of postcards illustrated by local artists. However, crowdfunding perks can be anything physical or digital. From t-shirts to handwritten thank-you notes, or even a digital recipe, you can show gratitude towards your supporters through perks.
  • By highlighting their budget shortfall, they gave their campaign a strong sense of urgency. They explained that immediate funds are crucial because there are additional staff positions that need to be filled, programs need to be sustained, and their doors need to be kept open. 
  • With a well-written campaign story, their supporters learned all about the Center’s history and mission. The story was authentic and emotional, clearly describing why they were running this crowdfunding campaign.

Nonprofit growth is using FundRazr as the secret sauce

FundRazr is a free digital fundraising platform designed for nonprofits to get to the next level of growth. We help over 7000 nonprofit professionals quickly set up and run various types of fundraising projects, stay in touch and grow the donor base, turn donors into active advocates and achieve much stronger fundraising and revenue results. As we keep adding innovative features, it helps our customers stay on top of ever-changing social and community engagement trends. Let’s take a look at one example.

Nowzad is an organization that rescues stray dogs and cats from war zones. By using FundRazr as the secret sauce to their campaign success, they were able to raise over $320,000!

Here’s how you can do it too:

  • With effective engagement layout called microprojects, Nowzad built personalized stories for each animal where supporters can stay emotionally engaged. They attracted more donors and inspired repeat giving because a smaller goal helps individuals feel the impact of their contribution.
  • Now you must be thinking – where did Nowzad get the time to create so many micro-campaigns for each animal? They didn’t! FundRazr already has free templates created so you can save hours of work and dedicate time on something else.
  • Nowzad also relied on our strategists whenever they needed some help. Whether it’s about planning out a fundraising strategy or how to promote the campaign after launch, it’s always a great idea to validate the direction.
  • Nowzad didn’t have to worry about unexpected costs or hidden fees and you shouldn’t too! As a professional nonprofit organization, you can get access to all of our powerful tools right away.

How do you define nonprofit growth?

When it comes to digital fundraising, the right strategy and toolset is everything. When fundraising happens online, our technology has the potential to transform the success of your campaign. With FundRazr as your nonprofit’s growth vehicle, crowdfunding is more than just a way to collect donations. It’s a chance to offer supporters a unique giving experience and create real nonprofit growth.

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