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Non-Profit Organizations

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Now that Thanksgiving is over and hopefully you’ve recovered from your Turkey Coma, let’s continue giving thanks by helping those who work tirelessly all year long helping those in need:

Non-Profit Organizations

These organizations are made up of mostly volunteers who believe in their cause and do everything they can to gather the funds needed to complete their mission.

#FundRazrFriday wants to keep the giving going from Thanksgiving to #GivingTuesday, then straight through ’til

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“IF YOU BUILD IT, WE WILL PLAY” – Kenyan Orphans

GRACE CARE CENTRE is home to over 200 children. There is nowhere for them to safely access a playing field. Please help turn their dreams into reality by contributing to this campaign, so the orphanage can purchase a field they desperately need.

The desired field is located just down the street from the Grace Care Centre in West Nairobe, Kenya.

The $56,000 will cover the costs of the field, leveling fees, legal fees, land transfer fees, and taxes.

100% of proceeds received by Lift The Children will be donated to the GRACE CARE CENTRE in their quest to purchase a field. Additional funds raised will go towards the ongoing funding of the basic needs of other Lift the Children sponsored orphanages.

Support Habitat for Humanity!

Since 1990, Hattiesburg Area Habitat for Humanity has been helping deserving families build and purchase their very first home. The families volunteer to help build their home and the homes of others and then purchase their home from Habitat for Humanity at cost with a zero interest 20 year mortgage! These monthly payments build more homes for more families.

Provide a holiday meal for HIV positive clients!

Please consider making an online donation to support the purchase of a holiday meal (or two) for HIV positive clients and their families by our World AIDS Day deadline on December 1st!

The holidays are approaching and we have a quick ask! Would you consider sponsoring a holiday meal for an HIV positive person and their family? Wellness AIDS Services is accepting donations to purchase holiday baskets for our current clients.

Each basket costs $40 will feed 6-8 people. Our goal is to purchase 50 baskets (although we have approximately 200 families in need).

Help youth write & record their original songs


Future Youth Records is a first of its kind, full–service, non-profit record label dedicated to helping youth 12-17 years old write and release original music. The label gives kids of all socio-economic backgrounds the opportunity to release their creative energy through writing and recording music while at the same time teaching the value in supporting recorded music. Future Youth Records also establishes mentorships for the kids with leading music industry professionals and provides them with private lessons, special workshops and master classes. In addition to recording music on the label, other opportunities include assisting in signing talent, placing music for artists/groups, marketing, legal and sound engineering.

Help create a safe haven for Marine infantry vets

Statistics show that combat vets cope better with the stress of transitioning to life after the Corps, if they’re given the opportunity to immerse themselves in a safe environment with their fellow Marines. An MIVF Ranch can offer the stability and the safety that could save a Marine infantry veteran’s life.

Right now, the VA and the government think the solution is to dope our veterans up with more pills: pills for TBI, pills for depression, pills for stress.

We want to offer our Marines a healthier option,with wooded land, home cooked meals and a roof over their head. No matter what else might happen in life, we believe our Marine infantry veterans who have risked and sacrificed so much deserve to know that they will never go homeless or hungry. We intend to do exactly that, but we need your help.

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Help with Vetting and Fees for 9 New Babies!

We made a huge effort today to pull as many dogs as we could before Thanksgiving. For those who don’t know, many shelters euthanize a large number of dogs prior to holidays so there will be less to care for. Today, we saved one very pregnant mama dog about to have puppies and 8 other dogs. Rescuing this many dogs at once is not just logistically challenging but it’s really expensive. We really need your help!

Help Us Support The Food Bank For New York City

Food Bank For New York City recognizes 29 years as the city’s major hunger-relief organization working to end food poverty throughout the five boroughs. As one of the country’s largest food banks, our mission is to end hunger in New York City by organizing food, information and support for community survival and dignity.

As the city’s hub for integrated food poverty assistance, the Food Bank tackles the hunger issue on three fronts — food distribution, income support and nutrition education — all strategically guided by its research.

Trauma healing for orphans & survivors

Heal the world! Give the gift of trauma healing to orphans, sexual violence survivors, former child soldiers, and other traumatized communities in the developing world. All contributions will directly support the “Safe Embrace Trauma Healing (SETH)” program which empowers local caretakers at the grassroots level by giving them skills to provide trauma healing techniques and encourage survivors to set up local support groups in their own communities. Traumatized women and young adults will transform their pain into power, so they can go on to live sustainable independent lives.

For more info:

Conner’s Bench at Helena’s Playable Playground

Help Conner plant a bench at Helena’s Playable Playground a playground for all abilities at the New Centennial Park in Helena, MT. Help Conner build a playground where he can play with all his friends.

Help keep Hovsgol National Park like we found it

All proceeds are used to support the Hovsgol National Park Litter Education & Control project.

This year we bought a new truck to help get all the garbage out of the park.

The picture is from a collection point at the exit of the park. Our “bring your waste back out” is working but we still need more support to be able to run more awarnes campanings in Mongolia (print, radio, and TV). Please support us and help keep this beautiful nature prestine for more info see or email me (

Thanks for your support

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Help Gameathon 2012 save kids in West Africa

More than 18 million people across West Africa are in the grip of a growing hunger crisis. Crop shortages, rising food prices and insecurity have left more than 1 million children facing starvation. We must act now to prevent this.

Helping Solider the German Shepard

Solider was found in an orchard near Arvin, CA. He has a badly damaged back leg. The injury appears to be from impact with a car. A passerby saw him and has been trying to help him for the last week. Even with all the pain of his damaged leg he tries to love and play with his care givers. He is coming to the rescue and is going to be evaluated. He has a shattered pelvis, severe anemia, demetectic mange, extreme malnutrition but he has perked up and things are looking good. Please share this story and help make the difference in his life.

Give Some Children a Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner and we could use your help, at JCCM, as we prepare to put together some gifts and a special meal, for 100 needy children this Christmas! Won’t you join us, as we help to put a smile, on the face of a child this Christmas!

Dollar For Change Campaign : 10,000 Pairs of Socks

Founded by 6-year-old Jonas in 2009, Love in the Mirror is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that strives to inspire young people to make a difference through their volunteer commitment of providing disadvantaged youth and their families basic necessities such as food, clothing and learning materials. With your tax-deductible donation, you can help Jonas realize his mission in making sure no kids do without.

The Mommy Nest Christmas Care Package Donation

We’re calling on readers to donate to our Christmas Care Packages campaign to help us help local needy families! We will be helping 40 families this Christmas.

Don’t you want to be a part of that?

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