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Locations Now Added + Enhanced FundRazr Design

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Locations Now Added + Enhanced FundRazr Design

Crowdfunding Advisors, FundRazr Team

Helping our community get to the next level of crowdfunding success

The FundRazr Team introduces new features – locations, enhanced email designs and campaign backgrounds – that will help you reach out to your community and engage them with your story…and collect more contributions!


Now you can add a location to your campaign based on city, state/province and country. The location will be displayed right below the name of the creator, so your visitors can see it on your campaign page. More people can also discover your campaign by searching by location!

To add your location, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit your FundRazr campaign page, go to your Manage page (log in)
  2. Just under the picture for your FundRazr campaign (left column), click Edit
  3. In the left column, under the Story tab find Location (right column)
  4. Enter your city and country and choose from the list that appears

Q: How will this help you raise more money?
A: Your location will make your campaign searchable and visible for:

  1. Supporters and communities of your local area that want to help
  2. Local media that is looking for breaking news and stories to engage their audience
  3. FundRazr press releases & blog posts about campaigns of different categories in different locations
  4. Friends to find your campaign

So add a Location to your campaign – Get more attention – Attract new donors! Add now.

New Email Design

FundRazr introduces a new email design to more effectively share your campaign with friends. Now your friends will get an email notification from FundRazr with details of your campaign such as description, goal, money raised. They also will have an ability to View, Share and Give to your campaign.
New FundRazr Email Feature
Q: Why should you promote your campaign by email?
A: Although social sharing is important, don’t overlook email, it is a powerful tool too. Email is a great way to directly reach out to your friends and people in your network. FundRazr makes it easy to explain your cause and need with this new email feature. It includes campaign details, a request for help and share options so your friends can donate and/or help spread the word. Email outreach is important to get a strong start to your campaign, to receive first donations and get the ball rolling!

To email, simply click on the email icon on your campaign page, enter your email address and then forward to your contacts. Email your FundRazr Now!
FundRazr Email Feature

Custom Background Colors

Add a new theme color or image for your campaign’s background.

Q: Why should you spend some time to add a background theme color or image?
A: People respond to visuals. Images help your followers and supporters get emotionally engaged in your project or cause. Add a background picture to symbolize your project! Symbols provide a visual representation of your cause or project. They will help to remind people about your campaign.

Or you can add some custom theme colors to get more attention. While perceptions of color are somewhat subjective, certain colors can have an impact on performance, mood and emotions or at least make your campaign more attractive. Organizations can match logos or other styles.

Add a background theme color or image on the Theme & background tab on your Manage page, after clicking Edit just under the picture for your FundRazr campaign.

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