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FundRazr Launches Near Me Location Searches

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FundRazr Launches Near Me Location Searches

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Helping our community get to the next level of crowdfunding success

The FundRazr Team introduces new features – Enhanced Location Searches, Vimeo Support and Analytics – that will help you reach out to your community and engage them with your story…and collect more contributions!

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Enhanced Location

Now you and your donors can find campaign in your community through the near me option. The option is located on the find page and will base searches on your location and automatically display campaigns that are closest to you. In order to be found through the near me option, you must first add your location.

To add your location, just follow these simple steps:

-Visit your FundRazr campaign page, go to your Manage page (log in)
-Just under the picture for your FundRazr campaign (left column), click Edit
-In the left column, under the Story tab find Location (right column)
-Enter your city and country and choose from the list that appears
step-by-step location guide.

Q: How will this help you raise more money?

A: The Near Me Function Will Allow:

-Other Creators in your area to find and potentially support your campaign
Local media to find your campaign and feature your story
-FundRazr press releases & blog posts about campaigns of different categories in different locations
-Friends to find your campaign

So add a Location to your campaign – Get more attention – Attract new donors! Add now.

New Video Compatibility

FundRazr introduces Vimeo support for videos. Now you can add Vimeo videos (in addition to Youtube videos) to your campaigns and campaign updates to tell your story.

Q: Why should you use a video?

A: Although pictures are great storytellers, videos are often more impactful. In fact, campaigns with videos often raise over 100% more than campaigns that don’t. Video is a great way to engage your donors and connect with them emotionally. It allows you to showcase all aspects of your story in a compact, engaging way, so that your audience is more willing to share, donate, and help spread the word.

To add a video, simply click on edit campaign on your campaign page, paste the url of your video and then finish and share.Add a Video Now!
Step-by-step guide to adding a video

Campaign Analytics

FundRazr introduces Analytics for your campaign. The analytics page give you a basic report on your campaigns, including amount raised, daily contributions, and shares on social media outlets.

Q: Why should you review your analytics?

A: Analytics give you a good idea of how your campaign is doing. Through reviewing the sharing statistics, you can see where you are getting most of your shares, which gives indications on which platforms are successful and which needs more support.

To view your analytics, simply look for campaign analytics under the manage campaign page. Review your Analytics Now.

You can always contact us at support@fundrazr.com with any questions.
Be sure to check out our Perks post, if you haven’t already done so.

-FundRazr Team.

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