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FundRazr Gallery Feature – Storytelling Just Got Better

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FundRazr Gallery Feature – Storytelling Just Got Better

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Like to get more supporters engaged in your FundRazr campaign?

The FundRazr Team is pleased to launch Media Gallery – a new feature that will help your followers and supporters get emotionally engaged in your project or cause. People respond to visuals. Adding more of them to your story is now much easier!

The FundRazr Media Gallery feature allows you to show multiple photos and videos with every Story Update for your campaign! Each image can be enlarged by simply clicking on it and the intuitive navigation creates easy access to each visual in the gallery.
Now you can tell a visual story by sharing photos and videos of your project’s progress and improvement thanks to each person’s donation. Your friends and supporters would love to know more details about your cause and, as the saying goes; pictures really are worth a thousand words.

Here’s how Media Gallery helps you raise more funds:

More photos – new way to tell about your project, how things are going in pictures. There is no limit to the number of photos you can add

Videos too – add video along with photos to attract more people. On average using a video for FundRazr campaigns doubles their donations

Wide visibility – people pay more attention to visuals than just plain text. Story updates with images can give a boost to your campaign page views since Facebook gives more visibility to posts with images. Consider also adding your images to Pinterest, as well with the built-in sharing feature, as it’s now the third most popular social network

Higher engagement level – Facebook posts with images have the highest user engagement of any other post. People are 43 percent more likely to share an image over a post with just text. Thus, your story updates with Media Gallery will help keep followers engaged and will attract new supporters

How it works:

1.Visit your FundRazr campaign page (log in)

2. Tell your supporters what’s going on in text


3. Add your Media Gallery by clicking on “Add pictures”

FundRazr Media Gallery4. Add a video from YouTube, just copy and paste its URL

FundRazr Video Gallery

5. Here we go – videos are more likely to be shared by supporters

FundRazr Video Gallery

6. Post and share your FundRazr story update, using our tools, as widely as possible to raise more funds. First image of you gallery will appear on supporters’ Facebook timeline, news feed and ticker. Once a person clicks on your post on Facebook or any other social media network, it sends him to your story update with all photos and video gallery

FundRazr Media Gallery

7. Click on any photo and you will enjoy the entire photo story! You can even watch the video!

Don’t wait too long – Start using Media Gallery for Story Updates that raise more money!

Good luck painting your picture. In the meantime, check out the video of these cute little furballs.

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