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FundRazr: Unbeatable Easy-to-Use Video Features

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FundRazr: Unbeatable Easy-to-Use Video Features

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Storytelling is the driving force behind successful fundraising, and video is the greatest storytelling tool at your disposal for increasing engagement and creating a real connection with your audience. We know that not every person who needs to raise money has the time to shoot and edit a professional video, so we’ve made it even easier for you to tell your story.

The New Feature

videoscreenshot1FundRazr users can now record video directly to their campaigns for both the main campaign video and campaign updates. This means you don’t have to upload your video to a third party service provider like YouTube or Vimeo in order to share it with your campaign. Our video service is also Facebook compatible – so unlike YouTube or Vimeo videos shared on Facebook, your FundRazr campaign videos will auto-play when viewed on Facebook.

The Big Benefits


  • Your video will play as native content on Facebook. This means more views, more likes, and more shares to your campaign page.
  • You can get started faster. Take up to five minutes to tell your story then choose your thumbnail and that’s it – you’re all set.
  • You can get personal with your videos. Personal videos typically drive an average of 4-5x ROI. So make direct call outs in your update videos, personalize your appeals, and see the increase in your ROI.
  • Nonprofits can empower their evangelists. When running a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, encourage your participants to customize their FundRazr campaign pages with a personal appeal video to really connect with their friends and family and encourage them to give.


Making the Most of Video for Personal Appeals

When you’re making a personal appeal for donations, remember that your friends and family will want to donate to you – so be yourself! If you’re feeling nervous or shy, get someone you know and trust to review your footage and give you feedback.

People have very short attention spans so no need to worry about filling up time. You only need to make sure you cover the basics:

  • Tell your viewers who you are
  • Tell your viewers the short story of why you’re fundraising
  • Ask directly for people’s support, explaining why you need help and what you’ll do with the funds raised
  • Talk up any incentives you’re offering
  • Be sure to thank everyone!

60-90 seconds should be enough, our in-campaign video editor lets you record for a full 5 minutes if you need it.

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