Must Do’s During Thanksgiving (other than stuffing your face)

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Must Do’s During Thanksgiving (other than stuffing your face)

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It’s that time of year again. The time to sit down with family, to reunite with you sister/brother that’s out of town, and to stuff your face full of turkey. Yes, ThanksGiving is here. Apart from the usual face-stuffing activities, we would like to focus on the Thanks and Giving aspects of this extraordinary holiday.

Thanksgiving traditionally began as a harvest holiday with an emphasize on thanking God for blessing previous year’s harvest. However, this year (and we hope every year), we can extend this thanks and giving to the general public.

complaints FundRazrAs our lives become more complicated, we have grown accustomed to complaining about our daily lives. We let mishaps in life get to us and start asking questions such as, “Why is this happening to me? What did i do to deserve this?” We become preoccupied with the negatives and fail to notice all the positive in our lives.

If you have food in your fridge, clothe on your back, a roof on your head, and place to sleep, you are already more fortunate than 75% of the world. If you have money in the bank, your wallet, and some change to spare, you are among the top 8% of the world’s most fortunate. Lastly, if you can read this blog post, you are more fortunate than the 3 billion people that can’t read at all.

Be thankful for all the little things in life. Be thankful for your loving family, for your caring friends, for that pet who’s always there for you, and for the opportunity to change someone’s life. Check out our previous post: 1 Secret Muscle to Make Your Life Happier for a 5 step guide to gratitude and happiness.

After the “thank” aspect has been addressed, we like you to turn your attention to the “giving” of Thanksgiving. Much like thanking, the smallest acts of giving can have big impacts. Recently, a new trend called “Pay it Forward” has been witnessed all across United States and Canada. The concept is to repay a kindness by being kind to someone else rather than the person who was kind to you, so that it creates a chain reaction of kindness.

The most common occurrence of Pay it Forward occurs at restaurant drive throughs such as Mcdonalds, Chick-fil-A, and Tim Hortons, where people would pay for the meals of people behind them. Perhaps the largest outbreak of drive-through generosity occurred last December at a Tim Hortons in Winnipeg, Manitoba, when 228 consecutive cars paid it forward. Pay-It-Forward-FundRazrPeople have done it for different reasons, some wanted to pay it forward in gratitude to drivers who waved their car ahead of them in line or after noticing in the rearview mirror a woman weeping into her steering wheel, and wanting to make her smile. Cancer survivors have done it in appreciation of life, and new parents have done it to celebrate their baby.

It is unfortunate that this ThanksGiving has been spoiled by disasters such as the Illinois Tornado and the Typhoon in the Philippines. However, it also gives us an opportunity to give back and help out those who won’t enjoy a normal Thanksgiving. Giving comes in many forms, you can send a prayer, buy a stranger coffee, contribute to a crowdfunding campaign, or maybe even start a crowdfunding campaign for someone in need.

Check out our previous posts about the Philippines on how you can contribute to the cause. This ThanksGiving, Change a life. For Good.

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