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Ananda and Jaya Lakshmi are creators of Kirtronica music. Kirtronica is a combination of electronica, dance and mantra, live instrumentation and vocals that are divinely inspired. After the success of the duo’s first record they plan to release a second one called ‘Kundalini Kirtronica’. It will feature original electronica dance music intended for free dancing, ecstatic dance, sacred gatherings. They are also dedicated Kundalini Yoga practitioners and wanted to create music that uplifts and awakens the soul. All the lyrics are mantra, and this album in particular has mantras that are part of the Kundalini Yoga tradition.

The album is currently in its creation phase, and their goal is to complete the album for release by April 2015. They have turned to their fans to help with the costs of production and promotion and in exchange are offering a range of perks including signed CD’s, concert tickets and even an intro lesson to learn how to produce electronic music. I spoke with Jaya on reaching out to their existing fan base, and how they acquired perk sponsorship from manufacturers that align with their brand.

Why did you decide to crowdfund for your new record?

It has worked for us before in the past.

How did you initially promote your campaign and create a community of support?

Mostly we reached out to our fans through our newsletters and Facebook.

How did you go about getting perk sponsorship from major manufacturers?

I used to work for Coconut Bliss (coconut milk ice cream), and they now sponsor us as musicians on our tours and projects. Medicinal Foods (cacao distributor) is also owned by a friend of ours who lives in Hawaii. We approached him to see if he wanted us to help promote his products, and he was excited because they are a new company and we have the perfect demographic for them. It was fun to include some of their items as perks. A lot of people have taken them.

What has been a challenge you’ve faced while crowdfunding?

Well sometimes I feel like I might be bugging people if I am always asking for money – I know it can be annoying! But I really do believe in this project, and I think it’s all good, it’s just what we have to do as artists. I remind myself how important music is and how healing it is, and that’s what this very music is for! So then I get excited about raising funds.

What has been the highlight of your crowdfunding experience?

I love reading the comments of the contributors. It is so touching. So many people mention how our music has had a great healing effect on them, or how much joy it has brought into their lives. It’s so inspiring!

Do you have any advice for others who want to start crowdfunding?

I think you just really have to have a good, meaningful project and you must fully believe in it, 100%. Just so grateful we can do this in this day and age, it’s a miracle.

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