Melanie Brockmeier’s FundRazr raised $41k – Q & A – Facebook Chat Recap

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Melanie Brockmeier’s FundRazr raised $41k – Q & A – Facebook Chat Recap

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On Wednesday November 20, 2012, we hosted our second Live Facebook Chat with our Coaches Laura, Becky, and Lauren and a special guest – Melanie Brockmeier. Melanie’s FundRazr campaign – Leon Brockmeier Memorial Fund – has raised close to $42,000 to honour her deceased husband’s memory. We asked her to join our chat to provide her insight on how to raise more money with FundRazr to create a legacy in trying circumstances. Below we have included some of the most noteworthy questions from our chat participants, and answers from Melanie and the coaches.

Leon Brockmeier Memorial Fund

My beloved brother-in-law passed away suddenly yesterday, leaving my sister without a husband and his young sons without their Daddy. His seven brothers and sisters and countless families members and friends are broken hearted. I am asking you to help my sister and my nephews as they work to cope with this tragedy.

Question: What are some ways to maximize the effectiveness of the campaign? titles were just mentioned, but what else is an effective tactic? thanks!

Answer: Melanie – I put mine in the local papers that are free, made it public on Facebook, my place of employment was kind enough to put it on their website, our local news station ran a story, etc
It is also important to repost frequently so it doesn’t get buried. I reposted a few times a week. I wanted it on top on my page and the newsfeed.

Tip!! Share a picture and put your FundRazr campaign link in the caption. That way you are sharing different content. You can even make a meme out of your picture, if you want to be really different (

Question: Hey Melanie ! Did you use email at all to promote your FundRazr page?

Answer: Melanie -Yes I did. I used everything I could…newspapers, TV stations, websites connected to my job and my husbands job, etc.

Question: How do I share the page besides Facebook for more attraction? We could use the help.

Answer: Email, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, business cards or flyers with a QR code to your FundRazr page

Question: Melanie – Were most of contributors people you knew or strangers?

Answer: I would say about 50-60% of the people who have donated to my cause I have never met and don’t know.

Question: What suggestion do you have for creating a great video?

Answer: Be yourself and don’t worry about it being perfect. A campy (or rough) video is appreciated. People like it when you are real. So speak clearly, make eye contact and be yourself.

Final Tip from Melanie: “If your cause touches peoples heart, I think you have to find as many ways to get your message out there”.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our next Facebook Chat. For more updates see our Facebook and Twitter.

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