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A guest post by Camara Cassin.

 Alright, so you’ve started your fundraiser and you want it to bring in money for your cause.

What do you do now?

You need to spread the word! You need to reach people and connect with people. The way you will do this is through using the tools that the internet can provide. The more you put into your campaign the more you will get out of it. The tools that I am talking about include:

  1.  Build a Facebook page – This is a great way to build a community around your cause.
  2.  Start a blog– A blog helps people connect with what is going on.  Link it with your FB page.
  3. Get a  Twitter account.  Twitter keeps people up to date in real-time short tweets.
  4. Embed a FundRazr fundraising widget on your blog.

Once you have each of these things going it will be easy to share the content of your cause with your friends and family.

It may sound like a lot of work, but after initial set up it only takes a little bit of time each day. The FundRazr application utilizes the incredibly VAST Facebook network so that you can share your cause with your friends, who share it with their friends, who share it with their friends. The key is sharing, sharing, sharing. Often people start a campaign, share it once, and wonder a week later why they haven’t made any money. They have not put in the effort required. Having a  worthy cause is not in itself going to raise money. You need to bring it to people’s attention, earn their trust, and give them a reason to contribute.

Facebook is a computer program. It bases your news feed and update reel on mathematical algorithms. These complex formulas determine what you see. This formula is called EdgeRank.  You do not need to understand it to understand what it does.

In simple English: A story (edge) is more likely to show up in your News Feed if people you know have been interacting with it recently. That means they’ve been commenting on it, liking it and sharing it. If you want your story, link, picture or FundRazr to be on people’s news feeds then you need to post something that people will interact with. The EdgeRank is also based on time. The more time has elapsed since the story was posted, the less likely it is to appear in people’s news feeds.

The same thing happens with Facebook Pages and Facebook Friends. If you don’t check out their page or interact with their profile for a while, chances are they won’t show up in your news feed anymore.

So the lesson here is  that you should share things that people will actually interact with, and share often.  People love pictures.  Use a lot of them!

So why should I start a Blog and a Twitter Account?

Because it builds a community of caring people around your cause who will help you to spread the word and share your story, and it makes it easy for them to SHARE your stuff. They will support you when things get rough, give you ideas when you are stuck, and you may even connect you with the resources you need to help your cause.

What could I blog about?

You blog about your cause. A blog is basicly an online journal. You can write about anything you want. Make it as personal or impersonal as you want. I can tell you that the more personal and emotional your blog is – the more people will be able to connect with you. A community is people who care about each other’s well being. You may find that the community you build around your cause will be as diverse and beautiful as seashells on a beach.

I’ve been blogging now for more than two years and my blog became an incredibly useful tool for my cause.
My own blogging style is highly personal. I tell the world what is going on in my life and how it makes me feel. It has been amazing how many people have told me that my blog has changed their lives. They feel like they know me, and they support my cause.

Each time I finish writing a post I copy the link and share it on my Facebook Status (personal) and on my Facebook Page. If you include a picture in your blog post it will show up as a little thumbnail in your link. People like pictures. A link with a picture is much more interesting. It is also important to give each post an interesting title that peaks readers curiousity. You want them to click your link.

How do I get a blog?

It is as simple as going to (or another blog provider) and choosing a blog name. You sign in with your google account and away you go. Choose a short and catchy name so that your URL isn’t too long.

Then you follow the instructions to customize your blog theme, background colors, text color, font and size. There are many very good tutorials online. Simply google “blogger tutorials”. There are other blogging platforms out there – I like blogger because it is simple and I’ve been using it for a while.

How do I get Twitter?

You go to and set up an account. Then you start posting tweets several times a day, remembering to share them with your Facebook fans and incorporate them into your blog using a “twitter widget” or gadget. This will show your twitter posts off to one side of your blog, so that people can get more short updates between blog posts.

If you put the effort into reaching people you will create or access a community that will support your cause.

Keys to remember:
1. Share interesting fresh content that people will interact with.
2. Remind people to share with others.
3. Share often.

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