Making Sponsorship Work for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

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Making Sponsorship Work for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

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We usually recommend that campaign owners offer some sort of incentive or perk for donors who contribute to their campaign as a token of appreciation. Incentives often increase average donations and communicate gratitude to contributors. However, for many users, we know that there are limitations that make it difficult for them to offer something in return. Sometimes health issues make it hard to find the time to create and distribute incentives, which is where sponsors can come into play.


Sponsorship provides an opportunity for brands to spread the word about their company while rewarding your donors. For example, sponsorship is available for FundRazr campaigns based in the United States.


Sponsored campaigns display a banner at the top of the page that alerts them to the sponsorship. When they expand that banner, they see a full description of the types of rewards that is offering. The rewards are gift cards for $10, $25, $50, and $100, that match to the amount they’re willing to donate.


Donors can either select the gift card amount they would like to receive manually, or type in a dollar amount under ‘Your Contribution’ that will automatically select the corresponding gift card amount for them.

There is an additional deduction from those donations made that claim a gift card, and those that claim gift cards tend to increase their donations significantly, meaning you still receive a greater amount than you would without the sponsorship.

The sponsored rewards (the gift cards) also work in tandem with any perks your campaign may be offering. Donors who claim perks can still claim their sponsorship reward and vice versa.

After you’ve created a campaign, you can apply for sponsorship here. Please note that only works at restaurants in the United States. If you’ve secured your own personal sponsor, let us know here and we can display the sponsorship on your campaign for you.

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