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Lunch is on Cayden Taipalus and His Pay it Forward Campaign

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Lunch is on Cayden Taipalus and His Pay it Forward Campaign

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Great things begin with small efforts. Any doubt about this home truth is put to quick rest after hearing the story of Cayden Taipalus, an eight-year-old human rights champion from a tiny city in Michigan.

CaydenUpon learning of a classmate’s inability to pay for a hot school lunch, a privilege to which he felt every child is entitled, Cayden launched a crowdfunding campaign to set things straight.

Pay it Forward: No Kid Goes Hungry is Cayden’s brainchild. It began with the third grader sharing the tale of this injustice with his family members and friends, together with a request for financial help so that it didn’t happen again. The initiative gathered steam from there, eventually taking shape as a bona fide crowdfunding pitch that sought to not only pay off kids’ insufficient lunch-fund accounts but top them up so they’d never fall short again.

This act of juvenile generosity captured the attention of folks beyond the school boundaries, even serving as the subject of an effusive Washington Times article earlier this week. Today, Cayden’s campaign, courtesy of the 474 contributors who reached into their pockets to support it, has raised almost 80 percent of its $20,000 goal. Indeed, so generous have the contributions been that Cayden’s been able to extend his efforts beyond the requirements of his own schoolmates in a bid to cover the shortfall in lunch funds for kids throughout his home county.

“Congratulations Cayden. You are a rock star,” a message left on his FundRazr page enthuses, echoing the thoughts of many who learn about this big-hearted youngster’s efforts to level the playing field for his peers. “Your classmates must be proud of you, and I’m sure your Mom is too!”

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