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Inspiring Vancouver’s At-Risk Youth

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Inspiring Vancouver’s At-Risk Youth

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Vancouver is a beautiful city. But like all major cities it’s facing a number of common challenges – youth drug abuse and crime being the major ones.

Lack of social relationships, attention, trust and security that individuals find within their families, school and other communities, can cause youth to be at risk. Many children live in danger and have to survive experiencing violence. The negative outcomes that certain children see every day, are often not the result of individual failures or mistakes, but of discrimination, issues in family and inequality that impact the ability of youth to succeed in life.

Without any help and support making it is nearly impossible for them to have any progress, many of these youth could be on their way to a lifetime of bad choices and homelessness.

There is no easy way to solve these problems, but each of us can support non-profits and companies that are trying to make a difference for youth at risk.

The Artistic Creators of Tomorrow (ACT) Society is helping underprivileged youth explore and nurture their creativity in a fun yet professional environment, trying to explore a possible career path in Arts.

By focusing on at-risk youth of Vancouver and giving them an opportunity to follow their dreams, we can change the city’s future. Teenagers between 13 to 17 years old are very sensitive to environment and people around them, and can be easily influenced in ways that can impact their future both in positive and negative ways. It’s also an age when children start discovering their interests and passions, thinking about their future.

Providing subject-specific workshops will be the ultimate motivator for them to learn new things, get inspired to be someone they never would have even dreamed to be possible.

The ACT Society is looking to host fun, creative workshops, such as:

  1. Movie making
  2. Music creation
  3. Photography
  4. Graphic design
  5. Monster make-up
  6. Skateboarding
  7. DJ for a day

Teachers will be hired to provide professional instruction in the field of Arts. Funds raised will be spent on equipment, supplies, teachers for students.

Moreover, the ACT Society is going to provide scholarships for the selected youth who show promise and enthusiasm in their workshops. It’s an amazing opportunity for those students who can’t afford post-secondary education, but dream about getting their education in a respected college or university.

Get inspired by what the ACT Society is doing for the youth – Watch this video:

Artistic Creators of Tomorrow (ACT) Society from ACT Society on Vimeo.

By supporting the ACT Society’s project we can be involved in changing the future of these kids and the future of the city.

It can be especially pleasant and fun with a variety of perks that the ACT Society is offering in return of donations.

  1. Donate $10 and receive a coupon for 15% off an 1 Hour Massage at the HAMILTON WELLNESS CENTRE;
  2. Donate $15 and get 30 minutes on Car2Go OR a drop-in class at The Actors Chapel Vancouver;
  3. Donate $20 and download Wannabe Macks, the funniest movie that has ever been filmed (??)in Vancouver;
  4. Donate $60 and receive a one month of unlimited yoga or 10 Yoga Classes at Bloom Yoga Studio in South Vancouver.
  5. Donate $139 and receive a gift certificate for a one night stay in a superior suite at the Rosedale Hotel on Robson.
  6. And more.

It’s vital to engage, help and motivate youth, provide opportunities to express themselves in a creative and positive way.

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