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Hurricane Odile Wreaks Costly Damage

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Hurricane Odile Wreaks Costly Damage

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It is as tragic as it is inevitable: a natural disaster will touch down in some part of the world, and a multitude of souls will suffer terribly for it. Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and fires have left their destructive mark on humankind for as long as they have shared occupancy of the world.

Raise Money for Hurricane Odile Disaster Relief_FundRazr

Still, such occurrences come with their own silver lining. They provide an opportunity for humanity to demonstrate its unassailable ability to assemble in heartfelt masses in generous support of a common cause. For just as predictable as these calamities are, is the surge of compassion that embraces their aftermath.

Hurricane Odile was a category 4 hurricane that tore a path through the southwestern US and Mexico in mid September. With wind speeds that reached 215 kilometres an hour, Odile is the most intense tropical cyclone to make landfall over the Baja Peninsula since satellites started tracking the stuff.

It’s also the costliest hurricane of the 2014 hurricane season, racking up damage valued at some US$906.4 million.

The human losses were even more costly. At least 15 people died as a result of Odile, and countless more sustained unaccountable injury.

FundRazr and its generous clients are doing their part with a number of campaigns aimed at relieving the suffering of Odile’s victims.

Cabo San Lucas resident Amy Erickson, for one, has raised almost half of her $40,000 goal for her fellow Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa staffers, every one of whom, she notes on her page, was impacted to some degree by the hurricane.

Hurricane Relief for Uno Mas, for another, seeks to raise funds to rebuild a popular Cabo bar, and to provide financial aid to its well-loved and hard-hit proprietors Fernando, Gina and Migue.

And the Las Ventanas campaign looks to provide financial relief for the staff of this beach resort, who were quick-thinking in their care and safeguarding of guests during the emergency, but did not escape personal devastation.

Please give to one of these sympathetic campaigns, or start one of your own, and uphold the tradition of generosity that so charitably rears its welcome head during times of widespread human misfortune.

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