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How To Update Your Crowdfunding Campaign

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How To Update Your Crowdfunding Campaign

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Provide supporters with an update on how your campaign is going in order to share a story that will inspire more donations.

Watch our “how to” video to get some useful tips.

Update people on your story not just what you need from them.

In your update, use things like:

  1. Photos
  2. Videos
  3. Progress
  4. Donation levels
  5. The deadline
  6. Media coverage (articles and interviews)

TIP: Only provide an update when there is something to share that adds to your story.

When: Make it a point to update once a week. Dont leave it more than a week without updating, this keeps people involved and interested.

How to share updates: You can find your updates on the update tab. As soon as you provide an update, share it on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. And email it to your networks.

Benefits: It revitalizes your donor base, keeps your story alive, and creates a sense of urgency.

Transparency: Donors want to know how much was raised and how it will be used. Be open and honest. if you exceed your goal- where will that extra money go? If you didn’t meet your goal- will you have another campaign?

Finalizing your campaign: Acknowledge and publicize what you have accomplished and update your supporters with upcoming milestones – share how much you have raised, and how many people have supported your cause. Share what you can now accomplish and be grateful and celebratory.

Remember: Every time you provide an update it’s automatically shared to all donors and followers. Have someone on the fence about donating? Send them the link and ask them to follow your campaign.

If you have any questions regarding updating your donors email us on coaching@fundrazr.com

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