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How To Spread The Holiday Spirit

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How To Spread The Holiday Spirit

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The holidays are a time for joy and generosity. Spreading the holiday spirit is all about expressing appreciation for family, friends and even strangers. Spending time with them, listening to their stories and not just telling them but showing them you care. But what about when the holidays don’t feel like the happiest time of year?

There are some families that have a more difficult time getting into the holiday spirit. They have unexpected health issues, are struggling financially or recovering from an accident or loss of a loved one. If you know a family in need, you can help them raise money for what matters to them. We’ll help you each step of they way. Consider bringing joy to these 6 families this Christmas, share their stories and give the gift that keeps on giving.

1) Help Savannah Pay for Chemotherapy

After many diagnostic tests and chest biopsy, 8 year old Savannah Bowen has been diagnosed with Stage III B Cell Lymphoma Cancer (a cancer that affects the immune system). She recently underwent a spinal tap with initial chemotherapy to prevent brain damage, a bone marrow biopsy to rule out leukemia, another biopsy of the cancer tissue that covers the entire right chest wall, and a temporary port was installed in her chest for future chemotherapy. Savannah was unable to walk for a short period and required 3 doses of morphine due to severe pain. As of December 10th she is still in the hospital but improving from the surgeries. Her family is now raising money to pay for chemotherapy and other extensive treatments in order to save her young life. Send them some Christmas love this year, no amount is too small.

2) Help Pay for Dianna’s Medical and Home Costs

Dianna Lynne Kirby, was painting a ceiling on a 6 foot ladder when she fell off and hit the concrete floor. She suffered a concussion and a fractured left sacrum. Her Doctor instructed her to stay in bed and out of work for at least the next month. If not, she risks doing further damage to her sacrum and perhaps breaking it, which would mean needing screws inserted into her pelvis. This would for sure end her career instead of just putting it on hold for a month. Dianna’s friend Maureen knows that her bills are a major worry for her right now and is raising money to relieve her of some stress this holiday season.

3) “Take My Brother First”

“Take my brother first,” were the last words heard from Jordan. John Tyson lost his wife Donna and son Jordan in the 2011 Toowoomba Floods in Australia. Over 400 million dollars was raised for the flood appeal, but John Tyson has not received a cent from the flood appeal to date. Family friend Renee Eaves has started a FundRazr campaign to help the Tyson family. John has most recently fallen on difficult times, as he’s been in a crisis accommodation with his son Blake for the last 4 months. Blake is now 15, and has recently had to be taken out of school due to relentless bullying. John is trying to get employment so he can support himself and Blake, and to try to get Blake into another school. Help this well deserving family get back on their feet after everything they have been through.

4) Help Kai Kick Cancer

At 4 months, Robert noticed that as he tapped the bottom of his son Malakai’s left foot, he would start crying. At 6 months, there was a little bump that was quite tender to Kai; he would guard it from others. Kai was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma, a very rare cancer on November 10 — just five days before his first birthday. Maribel and Robert will be spending their time and effort working with Malakai and the special doctors at UCLA to get the best treatment possible. Maribel’s sister MaryAnn has brought together their family, friends and community to help them out financially with upcoming procedures and medical expenses. One month later they have learnt that little Kai is cancer free! They are over the moon by the news and community of support, but are still working towards Kai’s journey to recovery over the Holidays.

5) Brittney’s One Last Wish For Her Best Friend

Several years ago, Brittney’s best friend was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She bravely fought it & thankfully went into remission. Two years ago, she was pregnant with her third child when her cancer returned. Sadly she lost her third child and even after this heart wrenching situation, she fought cancer then went into remission again. This summer, her cancer returned once again & this time: terminal. She is at stage four that has spread. She has been given a mere weeks to live & wants to come visit Brittney, as one of her last requests. Brittney is trying her best to buy her a ticket, but flights are roughly $1000. The only thing Brittney asks for Christmas, is to be able to spend time with her friend before she passes. Let’s make this happen!

6) Help Sanna Luker With Medical Expenses

Sanna Luker is in hospital with Guillian-Barre Syndrome Starting plasma replacement treatment. They have no insurance and the money raised will help them with medical and living expenses during treatment. Since her husband Keith travels for work and he will not be able to do so for the next 45 days. You can help this family pay for their rent, utilities, food, gas and basic expenses of maintaining a family of five.

Do you have a friend in need of some Holiday Spirit? Click here to learn 4 ways to celebrate the season of giving in the most meaningful way.

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