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How To Get Your Crowdfunding Campaign News Coverage

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How To Get Your Crowdfunding Campaign News Coverage

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Campaigns that receive news coverage (online and offline) raise 2 to 3 times more than campaigns that don’t.

Examples of campaigns that had news coverage include the Matt Scarff campaign (which raised a whopping $107,000), Aid for Orly (coming in at $70,000) and the Help Mama Jade campaign (brought in over $28,000).

All of these compelling stories went viral and were brought to the attention of local media by supporters sharing the story with their networks. To find out how to get your story noticed, watch our How To Get Your First Donations video.

How to get news coverage: Start by determining the target audience of your campaign.

Are you a health campaign?

Do you have a pet needing medical care?

Or are you a local business wanting to get your product made?

Here are our top categories for crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding categories_FundRazr

Once you see the category you fall under, begin searching for 10 local bloggers and 10 local news editors that write about that topic. When writing to an editor let them know how your story affects the community and how they can help.

Share: Give them tools to help spread the word: your campaign link, social media accounts and contact info are vital. Keep your supporters updated with any media coverage by posting it to your campaign.

Follow up:

  1. Check any stories written about your campaign to ensure they have provided proper links. The best way to do this? Google keywords from your campaign. For example look up your campaign title + your city.
  2. Once you find media written about your campaign, update your donors by sharing the link.

For more details on contacting news outlets, what content you need to provide and how to follow up, read our blog post.

If you have any questions regarding reaching out to local media email us.

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