Mid Campaign Slump

How to Beat the Mid-Campaign Slump

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How to Beat the Mid-Campaign Slump

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If you’ve ever run a fundraising campaign before, you may have noticed that they tend to start and finish with a bang, but the middle is more like a whimper. It’s not just you – it happens to almost all campaigns across all platforms.

While it’s no fun when you’re in it, if you know it’s coming you’re already a step ahead and can plan for mitigation.

Start Soft

Before you do your full on public launch, roll out a slow soft launch first. Start with your internal team, then roll out to your most dedicated supporters over a 1 or 2 week period.

These could be:

  • Past campaign owners
  • Passionate volunteers
  • Social media influencers

The most important part of any soft launch is that you engage the supporters you already know are ready and willing to jump on the donation wagon. This target group will start filling up the progress bar so when you do your full launch in a broad sweep, new supporters see social proof of your concept.

If visitors to your campaign see other donations, they’ll likely follow suit and support as well.

Other quick things you can do include posting a countdown on your social media, share photos to remind the community that the campaign is in the dugout, and ask committed supporters to share the word. Soft launches put you at an advantage as you can test and adjust your campaign pre-launch.

Leverage the Lull

If you have your first 30% taken care of in your first week of launch, you’re already in a good spot to beat the mid-campaign doldrums.

After you’ve hit that mark, you can use the lull to your advantage and capitalize on your initial momentum. Now is the time to reach out to other organizations, hit the PR trail and pitch your story everywhere, and build your relationships with influencers.

These sorts of activities are going to show your audience your confidence. If you don’t show you believe your goal is attainable, no one else will believe it either.

Make Use of Updates

Your supporters need to be in the know. Consistent updates, whether they’re video, text, or photo, keep a hold on attention, passion, and donation dollars.

Include anything you think is captivating. Show gratitude. Profile members. Spread the content through social media. Just make sure you’re staying top of mind. People can’t donate to something they don’t see.

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