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How to Make the Front Page: SEO For Your Crowdfunding Campaign

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How to Make the Front Page: SEO For Your Crowdfunding Campaign

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A quick look at a crowdfunding website’s home page will tell you that many people are out there raising money for many different things. But it will also tell you how many people are out there fundraising for similar things.

Crowdfunding search engines are like any other search engine, and unless you follow some key steps for SEO success, you could find yourself 10 pages deep where potential contributors can’t find you. To make sure you don’t miss out on contributions, follow these three fun steps to use SEO to make the front page.

Tags Really Do Matter

It’s imperative to be very strategic about your tags. Using location tags will help your posts show up more frequently in your region and help you show up in searches for campaigns in your area. Also, your category must make sense. Be as specific as you can be to make sure you’re showing up in the right searches. If you select “non-profits,” but you’re campaigning for an individual cause, you won’t show up in more relevant searches, and your rankings will be damaged because you aren’t actually a non-profit organization.
Key Takeaway: Make it as simple as possible to find your campaign under targeted tags.

Use Appropriate Keywords

Choose your keywords wisely, and put them in the right place. Think about the people that are likely to contribute to your campaign. What words would they search for on Google or a crowdfunding site to find a campaign like yours? Choose the most important keywords for your campaign and make sure they’re where they need to be. Where do they need to be?

  • Your title
  • Your introduction
  • Your story

Consider three the magic number. There are three places your keyword needs to be in your campaign, and it needs to be mentioned at least three times in your story. However, it’s just as important to make sure you’re incorporating your keyword in the right way.
Key Takeaway: Identify the keywords potential donors would be using to search for your content then incorporate them into your campaign.

Quality Content is King

If you retain nothing else from this blog post, I hope it is this: To rank higher in search results, you must write original, compelling content. Repeating your keyword multiple times will be identified as spam by search tools and they will punish you for it by putting you further back in the results. The same goes for copying and pasting content from elsewhere on the internet. Make sure your story is at least 250 words long for search engines to crawl the text, and incorporate your keyword in meaningful ways.

Key Takeaway: Not only is more quality content going to help you get more contributions by effectively sharing your story, it will have a huge impact on your SEO and your visibility to potential donors.

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