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How An Artist Can Make Music With Crowdfunding

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How An Artist Can Make Music With Crowdfunding

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Tucker Livingston is an award winning singer, songwriter and guitarist from Austin, Texas. After the success of his first album and traveling the world, he moved to India to study ancient South Indian Carnatic music on a stringed instrument called the Saraswati veena. These studies have had a profound effect on his personal artistry, something that Tucker plans to utilize within the new phase of his career.

In order to continue creating music in India, Tucker needs a new computer to serve as a home recording studio and film editor, to both produce music and edit documentary films, as well as apply for professional funding. Tucker knew it was time to ask his existing fan base for help funding his projects, and in return offered a number of rewards for contributions to his FundRazr campaign. Some of which include a collection of live performance videos, a skype guitar lesson, and access to rare demo recordings (for all of which a new computer is essential).

We spoke with Tucker on how he managed to exceed his goal of $2000 in 30 days, and how FundRazr made it possible for him to reach out to old and new friends.

What are you fundraising for and why?

“For today’s musician a computer has become the most essential tool besides a musical instrument to create music and pursue a career. I’m out here in India studying South Indian Carnatic music, and my computer is biting the dust. The whole fundraiser hinges on getting a new computer out here to run a home studio, and then I will start my work to create my long over-due second album.

The computer I am going to buy is a 21.5 inch iMac desktop and Logic Pro X. It has the space and processing power of my needs with both audio and visual media. A computer enables me to look for work to support my family, connect and collaborate with other artists, fans, and apply for funding in my studies.”

Why did you decide to turn to crowdfunding?

“In these times, it is increasingly difficult to be able to survive as a working musician, or to undertake in-depth studies of such rich and beautiful traditions as Carnatic music without some help to close the deal. A successful fundraiser it is going to make the next new phase of my career possible! The future of funding is crowdsourcing, I am convinced.

How did you promote your campaign?

“A friend of mine suggested I try FundRazr, and after spending only a few minutes setting it up and mentioning it on Facebook and in some emails to family and friends, I had big results from people who genuinely wanted to help my project!

What has been the highlight of your crowdfunding experience?

“It’s been a wonderful experience being helped by strangers and associations, taking full advantage of our interconnectedness on the internet. I am hearing from people I haven’t talked to in 12 years!”

What advice do you have for others who want to crowdfund?

“My advice for anyone who needs help to achieve their goal in their own fundraiser is to use FundRazr. There is nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

Click here to follow and claim Tucker’s rewards.

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