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Giving Tuesday – Looking Back at the Best Online Fundraising Campaigns of the Year!

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Giving Tuesday – Looking Back at the Best Online Fundraising Campaigns of the Year!

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This year, after the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, join FundRazr as we take part in Giving Tuesday. Bringing people together and helping the community, the way that retailers work together to help the economy, Giving Tuesday is recognized in Canada, the United States, and 98 other countries as a chance to give back to those who need it most.

To join in the spirit of the movement, we wanted to recognize some of this year’s most creative and successful FundRazr online fundraising campaigns, celebrating the everyday heroes that supported these worthy causes with their generous donations.

Justice: St. Louis Legal Defense Fund
Funds Raised: $137,496

Designed to help cover legal and court fees for those arrested while protesting in support of legal, racial, environmental justice, this online fundraising campaign has raised an incredible amount of money in just 62 days. Over 2500 generous donors helped make this happen, most making donations of $100 or less. People were prompted to get involved by way of diverse fundraisers in the city of St. Louis, including artists producing limited-edition goods and donating their profits, specia fundraiser events, and even couples requesting that their wedding guests make donations in lieu of gifts.

Working through our partner Funded Justice, the St. Louis Legal Defense Fund was able to provide a comprehensive platform to receive generous gifts from this massive amount of donors in one place.

Personal: Jay Needs Our Help
Funds Raised: $70,020

15aa06ea91634f7480f9adea4bafcd43_large After Jay’s rare form of cancer left him in need of a specialized treatment from the University of Washington, Jay Piggot’s family was able to meet their fundraising goal in just 28 days thanks to their community coming together. Jay himself epitomizes the act of putting others before oneself, working as a paramedic and volunteer with North Shore Rescue. When he needed it most, others came together to get Jay the help he needs.

Thanks to their generous efforts, the family has raised enough to cover the cost of the treatment itself, as well as the funds needed to support themselves during the period when he will be recovering and unable to work.

Research: American Gut
Funds Raised: $1,549,617

For four years running, American Gut has run an innovative, interactive campaign that uses perks to allow donors to take part in the world’s largest open-source science project.

Participants choose an amount to donate ranging from $99 to tens of thousands of dollars, and in return, will receive a kit that allows them to test and analyze their own gut biome, then submit the results to the study in order to be included in its research! Depending on the option they choose, donors have the option to have their samples DNA extracted, their rNA sequenced, or for deeper metagenomic analysis.

Pets: Social Tees Animal Rescue
Funds Raised: $16,848

f2dcef85a3f549bd8eaefb888db40612 Social Tees Animal Rescue was able to make the most of a rare opportunity using FundRazr. When a generous donor offered to match their donations up to $15,000, Social Tees Animal Rescue was able to surpass that goal in just under a month by leveraging the power of their community.

Thanks to their fast action to reach their goal, this nonprofit was able to save 30 animals from high-kill shelters around Los Angeles.

Nonprofit: Aprons for Gloves
Funds Raised: $186,068

This well-loved charity event in the Vancouver restaurant industry made the most of FundRazr’s Micro Project option to raise almost $200,000 towards outreach efforts on the city’s underprivileged Downtown Eastside. In the yearly ‘Restaurant Rumble’, bartenders, chefs, dishwaters, servers, baristas and all sorts of individuals from the Gastown community together to train at the Eastside Boxing Club. In order to attend training, each fighter is required to raise $2000 for charity before they can compete.

Aprons for Gloves has made use of a Public Master Campaign showing the grand total of funds raised by its participants, as well as multiple projects for each participant! Aprons for Gloves used a fun activity to harness this community’s team spirit for a good cause; then, FundRazr gave them the perfect platform to bring it online.

Well Done!

This Giving Tuesday, we applaud these nonprofit organizations for their brilliant and creative online fundraising campaigns. With the right approach, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish on FundRazr’s platform – we can’t wait to see what #GivingTuesday and 2018 will bring!

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