Giving Tuesday Ideas on how to Stand Out from the Crowd

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Giving Tuesday Ideas on how to Stand Out from the Crowd

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Julie Jehly is the Director of Fiscal Sponsorship Collaborations of FundRazr. Julie is responsible for the development, launch and management of FundRazr’s crowdfunding program targeting 501c3 fiscal sponsors and their projects. For several years prior to joining FundRazr, Julie was the Development & Fiscal Sponsorship Director with a Northern California based fiscal sponsor nonprofit. Her experience in the nonprofit industry includes stints with art and environmental organizations dating to 2007. Julie is based in Sonoma County, California.

We’ve got the best Giving Tuesday idea for you – Combine your Giving Tuesday & Year-End-Appeal for even more days of giving – and receiving!

Responding to the consumerism of the holiday season, Giving Tuesday began in 2012 as a global generosity movement. Held on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, it encourages people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity through volunteer events, spark waves of kindness, and raising funds for local nonprofits. Sounds great – right? But it comes smack dab before the big end of the year appeal and push for those last-minute donations and income tax deductions. How to handle one ask to your donors right after a holiday, and a second a few weeks later? We recommend you combine them into one ask using Giving Tuesday as the kickoff for your year-end appeal, providing you extra long days to promote your annual appeal – here’s how. 

When people are invested and have an emotional connection to the good work your nonprofit performs, they are more likely to donate. This connection is made through sharing your stories, as only you can. Everyone has been affected by COVID-19. How has your nonprofit and community been impacted? How have you pivoted and responded to community needs? Let your donors know what changed during the past year, your goals for next year and how their gift helps. Share your overall fundraising objective by breaking it down into smaller wish-lists. If a donor makes a $100 gift to a $500 wish-list item, that donor feels the impact, happy endorphins and emotional connection to your nonprofit AND it’s visible that gift made a tangible difference.

With a sense of normalcy returning, people are returning to work and again have income to donate – and they prefer to support meaningful purposes. We have already seen online donations grew by 12.1% over the year.

How best to make sure your nonprofit is noticed with so many demands and distractions? Remind them about the good work, positive impacts your nonprofit makes in your community, and how these efforts will grow next year with the donors’ contributions.

Public Social Media is still a key avenue to reaching donors with Dark Social Media gaining ground. Some asks must be public and it’s a great way to reach new donors. For donors who have been cultivated and there’s a relationship, consider asking for support via the more personal and private channels. Additionally, be sure to enlist your tribe through Advocacy Marketing and professionals in the Partner Network. 

Using Giving Tuesday as the entry point provides long days of giving – and receiving – until December 31. Here is FundRazr’s recommended timeline. Check out our free Giving Season resources to get lots of ideas for branding and promotion.

Start your preparation soon as mid-November is not far off. Need to retake photos or find that great image from the summer event that will be perfect for the header campaign image? Dedicate time to collecting and preparing your campaign pieces. 

On the day before Giving Tuesday, line up your existing donors and crowd by sending an email blast or private message that your nonprofit is participating – and request their donation and/or spread the word by sharing your campaign! 

The big day has arrived – it’s day of Giving Tuesday! Share the campaign far and wide via public and dark social media, contact your tribe, and partners, send email blasts and ask people to share your campaign on your behalf. Be sure to use hashtags that include your local city, corporate sponsors, nonprofit focus and more. 

December is all about the Year-End Campaign and push. Post Giving Tuesday updates on social media and your campaign page, as well as personal thank you email messages. Continue sharing the message and need, and also the successes! Were donations needed to purchase a truck and the goal was reached? Let everyone know what a difference the truck will make and how it will help fulfill next year’s goals and objectives. Make sure the donors are the hero and knows their donations made a difference. Continue alternative messages and updates until December 31! 

FundRazr is here to help with our diverse campaign layouts to meet your needs, see the revenue wheel below. Offering a gift with donation? There’s a campaign layout for that – see Rewards campaigns. How about an event that involves the community? Yep, we have that covered – see Peer-to-peer fundraising events. Our easy-to-use templates can have your campaign up and running in less than an hour. Your nonprofit can have all this, plus assistance from our expert customer service team, and use FundRazr’s free model.

Ready? The countdown has begun! Click here to get started today!

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