Giving Tuesday Email Ideas To Success

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Giving Tuesday Email Ideas To Success

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Giving Tuesday emails campaigns can help you get the most out of the season. Giving Season is the most powerful time of year for fundraisers — and it starts with Giving Tuesday. Every year, charities bring in an incredible 30% of their annual donations between this late November Tuesday and December 31st. 

Even better, last year nonprofits saw a marked increase in the funds they were able to raise during this time. Perhaps because the shared challenges of the pandemic brought our communities closer together, in 2020, charities raised an astonishing 34% more on Giving Tuesday than the year prior. 

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That’s a trend fundraisers everywhere hope is likely to continue. While that’s certainly possible, all that increased donation activity means there’s more competition at this time of year than ever. 

To stand out from the Giving Tuesday noise, it takes careful planning and strategy. The stakes are high for fundraisers — if their Giving Tuesday campaigns are well-received, they’ll reach more people, share their message more widely, and set themselves up for success next year.

Giving Tuesday Email — The Ticket to Success

Email is a critical tool for fundraisers to master, and should play a central role in Giving Tuesday, and general Giving Season, campaigns. 

While many nonprofits might shy away from the idea of ‘email marketing,’ its value for our sector is well-proven. Because it allows you a direct connection with people who have already self-identified as caring about your mission, email can offer fundraisers great results and measurable ROI. 

Nonprofits also have the advantage of naturally standing out from the slew of sales emails that most of us are tired of seeing in our inbox. The numbers don’t lie —  the average open rate for nonprofit email marketing is 25.96%, compared to the universal email open rate of 6%. With strategies like built-in social sharing buttons and personalized messaging, nonprofits can boost the click-through rate of those emails by as much as 158%

That’s why we’ve compiled this quick-start guide on launching a Giving Tuesday email campaign that performs. Below, we’ll share a sample 6-email campaign structure with templates, followed up by a few best practices to follow for email success. 

Giving Tuesday Email Campaign Examples

Here’s a sample series of 6 Giving Tuesday email templates you can use to inspire your supporters and set the stage for a successful Giving Tuesday campaign. 

2-3 weeks out: soft launch

Start with a ‘soft launch’ — a first round of donations from your most loyal supporters, sponsors, and employees. This ensures you aren’t starting from zero, which gives future donors the social proof they need to believe in your cause and campaign. 

Aim to come out of this email with your campaign at least 33% of the way towards its goal. 

Giving Tuesday Soft Launch Email Example

Giving Tuesday Email Example
Giving Tuesday Email

10-12 days out: campaign announcement 

This is the first your donor audience will hear of your Giving Tuesday campaign. You’ll want to fill them in on the 5 W’s — who you are, what your campaign is, why you’re fundraising, and where and when to donate. 

Giving Tuesday Email Campaign Announcement Example

Giving Tuesday Email Example
Giving Tuesday Email Example

7 days out: campaign reminder

At this point, you’ll want to check back in and remind everyone that Giving Tuesday is approaching.

Share how far you’ve come — what kind of donations have you already brought in? Use specific facts and stats wherever possible to communicate impact. 

Remind your supporters of everything they can do to help. Beyond actually donating, that includes sharing the campaign on social media to broaden its reach and bring in more donations from family and friends. 

Giving Tuesday Email Campaign Reminder Example

Giving Tuesday Email Example
Giving Tuesday Email Example

1 day out: final reminder

Here, the key is to emphasize urgency. Show off how close you are, and show potential donors that you can make it — with their help. 

This might be a good place to communicate impact by using Wishlists to make donations feel high-impact and tangible. For example, you could ask email recipients to give $100 in order to buy Christmas dinner for 3 families, or give $75 to give 2 nights of shelter to a single mother and her children.

Giving Tuesday Final Reminder Email Example

Giving Tuesday Email Example

Day-of: donor call to action

Giving Tuesday is all about immediacy and urgency. There’s no reason to leave those who have already donated out of the party — why not send an email inviting them to share how they’ve donated on social media, and call on their networks to do the same? 

Giving Tuesday Email Donor Call to Action Example

Giving Tuesday Email Example

Day-of: non-donor call to action

This is potentially the most important email of your entire series: a Giving Tuesday appeal to those who haven’t yet donated. 

Drive home the importance of your cause, and emphasize that Giving Tuesday is a critical time for your charity to bring in the funds it needs to make it through the year ahead. 

Make donating, and sharing the campaign on social, as effortless as you possibly can. Describe the impact of each donation concretely, to help donors visualize the impact they can have if they choose to give.

Giving Tuesday Non-Donor Call to Action Email Example

Giving Tuesday Email Example

Giving Tuesday Email Best Practices

Fine-tune your subject lines 

It doesn’t matter how great your Giving Tuesday email is — without an exceptional subject line, it’s never going to get seen. This is your only chance to pique the reader’s interest and entice them to open your message, so do your best to make it attention-getting and emotionally charged without giving too much away. 

Include video in emails

Video might not be the first thing to come to mind when you’re dreaming up your Giving Tuesday email. But that’s exactly why it’s so effective — video provides a direct, authentic experience that stands out from all the other messaging in your audiences’ inbox. 

In emails, video has been shown to increase click-through rate by up to 300%, and reduce how many people choose to unsubscribe after opening by 75%

Personalize email to different audiences

Think about it. What would you rather receive, a personal letter written especially for you, or something that was obviously copy-and-pasted to dozens or hundreds of people? 

You don’t need to handwrite a letter to every supporter, but you should absolutely consider sending different emails to different audiences this Giving Tuesday. For example, send a message to recurring donors, thanking them for their ongoing support and asking for a little extra gift at this time of need. 

This might sound like a big ask, but it’s been proven to work. Recurring donors are 75% more likely to make an additional gift than people who only give once. 

Your personalized email doesn’t even need to involve a specific ask — just make sure your audience feels that you’re seeing, hearing, and appreciating them. 

Provide frequent campaign updates

Frequent updates might sound annoying. But when you’re talking about an important, meaningful cause, they can actually be uplifting and inspiring. 

To supporters who’ve already donated, updates make them feel like part of the team, and invested in your campaign’s outcome. For those in your audience who are yet to give, updates can keep you top-of-mind and be the final push they need to hit ‘donate.’ 

In particular, be sure to share when you are close to campaign milestones like 50%, 75%, and 100% of your goal. The closer you get, the more your supporters will want to help you get there!

Focus on impact

Great fundraising is all about communicating impact — that should extend well beyond your email campaign, and into all your nonprofit’s communications. But it’s such powerful advice that it’s worth repeating! 

Donors don’t care about abstract, general statements like ‘thanks for helping our charity stay afloat,’ or ‘our team is grateful for your support.’ Instead, they want to see how their gifts and generosity have actually made the world a better place. 

To make your Giving Tuesday emails impactful and meaningful, focus on how you’re putting those donations to work. How many animals have you saved from euthanization this December? Thanks to your caring donors, how many struggling families can provide Christms gifts to their children? 

Tell these powerful stories throughout your email in text, pictures, and video — and don’t forget to highlight how your donors are the real heroes that saved the day. 

Get Ready for Giving Season

All the excitement and opportunity of Giving Tuesday can feel a little overwhelming. 

Reiterate points of article 

With a little planning, a  Giving Tuesday email campaign that helps you reach all your goals is perfectly achievable 

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